in need of Guitar for beginners????

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by sunilm87, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. sunilm87

    sunilm87 New Member

    hiya evry1.. i am new to igt..

    I have always wanted to learn guitar.. get into the crossroads with likes of metallica ... geez ..

    Can anyone suggest a guitar for me ..

    range below 5k.. maybe 6k
  2. acoustic12

    acoustic12 New Member

    you want an electric guitar for under 5 k??? not that its no possible, but I would strongly recommend against it. If you are an absolute beginer, no harm in going for the acoustic for your price range you can find a nice yamaha acoustic for yourself... look it up.
  3. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    y don't u ask kirk hammett????
  4. acoustic12

    acoustic12 New Member

    kirk hammet... LOL... It'd cost more than a fortune even if he thew his guitar right at ya!
  5. Shobinthomas

    Shobinthomas New Member

    Dude ... If you are a beginner ... the i dont recommend you to buy a electric guitar ..
    You need to get accustomed to the feel of a guitar ... and that would be best, if you have an acoustic guitar ...
    There are a lot of acoustic guitars available ... a good one would cost you somethin around 3000+ ... go for somethin like PLUTO or HOBNER ...
  6. acoustic12

    acoustic12 New Member

    I completely agree with Shobinthomas... I got a question for him though.. All the plutos seem to have vanished from the market.. I cant find them anywhere in mumbai... Even furtados didnt have them. seems like granada is taking over the market all over the place! I have a hobmer myself, and with the built in pick ups, its a pretty desent guitar for a beginner like me.. I need a new one now though.. bt not quiet sure which way to go.
  7. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    or james hetfield.......;):D
    gosh y dont dey play wud've been so much different....
    i dont like electric, due 2 its distortion it destroys th' feel of muzic
    n accoustics r gr8 for learning 2 perfection
  8. aishu*7

    aishu*7 New Member

    Really? In my experience, it is a LOT easier to play electric guitar than it is to play an acoustic coz your fingers won't hurt as much when you begin.

    I was browsing through this thread and i was incredibly shocked at peoples replies. I thought 5k was loads!!!
    Then I realised that most of you are probably in India (im in the UK) so it is not as much as it sounds.

    I know im not helping with the main question much but I don't have much experience in buying guitars but i think there is a sticky on the subject and another thread that is similar.


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