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    Hi All,

    I found this site from google when I was searching for a guitar tab. I just bought a guitar (Epiphone AJ100ce). Although some of my friends were laughing at me for buying a guitar at age 32, I believe there is no age restriction for learning :).So I can fulfill my desire to be a guitarist with all your help.

    I just visited this site once before. Seems we have lot of Guru's here who would are really friendly and helpful. Hope you guys won't be annoyed with my silly questions because it's all new to me, although I played sa-re-ga-ma in childhood, don't have much knoledge about music scale and other things that you need to be a guitarist. Hope you guys would take it easy.

    By the way, I'm from Sydney, working as an Application Support Analyst. Been here for about 9 years. Lovely place to live in. Originally from Bangladesh(Dhaka). So have passion for Bengali and Hindi shongs.

    I'm sure I'll get lot of help from you guys.

    Muhammad Iqbal (Lipon)
    Sydney, Australia.

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