Illaya Nila for dummies like me

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by mammon, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. mammon

    mammon New Member

    k waht ive done is ive tabbed the whole song on the first two strings except for the first interlude....... mail me ur comments at

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  2. Guntur Blues

    Guntur Blues New Member


    Hi Mammon,your tabs are good,must appreciate your effort.Keep up the good work

  3. ksthehunk

    ksthehunk New Member

    nice 1 dude...
  4. ny_1618

    ny_1618 New Member

    Gud 1 dude, thanks
  5. samjhous

    samjhous New Member

    try to give some more hits
  6. whitefox

    whitefox New Member

    jus downloaded the doc....
    lets see :: lol ))
  7. Sivabalan TPG

    Sivabalan TPG New Member

    nice 1............................
  8. blackhawkchaser

    blackhawkchaser New Member

    Great effort!

    thanks for the efforts dude!
  9. Sivabalan TPG

    Sivabalan TPG New Member


    Thanks 4 te tab.............
  10. rajkumarchari

    rajkumarchari New Member

    Could u please post the video for this tab?...
  11. jeyaramabalan

    jeyaramabalan New Member

    Well done

    Fantastic work.. Well done. Keep it up :)
  12. jkarthik6890

    jkarthik6890 New Member

    Hi Dude,
    I'm new to IGT.
    Your tabs sounds good.. well done :)

    Keep posting for more illayaraja hits...
  13. muhil1992

    muhil1992 New Member

    awesome work bro

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