Ibanez RG350EX, Zoom G7.1ut, Amp & pedals for sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ThinkVoid, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. ThinkVoid

    ThinkVoid New Member

    Hi fellas...

    I am based out of BANGALORE....I am in need of some urgent cash... So, I am giving these stuffs away at throwaway prices..Pics are attached as well.....

    For more pics/info PM me OR mail me at somedevg at gmail dot com OR call me on my mobile : 9945877553

    1) Guitar - Ibanez RG350EX - Nicely set up and sparingly used for abt 2 years (I have 4 guitars and i used this the least)

    Asking Price - 14K (Bajaao Price : 26K)

    2) Processor - Zoom G7.1ut - used for a year and a half....giving away the MIDI cable (worth 1.5K) free with this one....

    Asking Price - 8K (Bajaao Price : 16.5K)

    3) Amp - Roland Micro Cube - bought it abt 18 months back

    Asking Price - 3K (Bajaao Price : 6K)

    4) Pedal - Digitech DF-7 (Distortion Factory) bought it 10 months back.. used only a couple of times...

    Asking Price - 3.5K (Bajaao Price : 6.5K)

    5) Pedal - Boss DS-2 bought it a year back.... Used only once!!!

    Asking Price - 1.5K (Bajaao Price : 3.7K)

    I am also planning to sell my Fender Mex Strat and my Greg Bennett AV3... Interested ppl can contact me...

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  2. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    boss ds-2 bajaao price- 3.7k.
  3. ThinkVoid

    ThinkVoid New Member

    Thanks dude for pointing that out.. I had actually copied n Pasted it from the item above it..... I have now edited it....The asking price for that is 1.5 K....
  4. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member


    Ibanez has been sold????
  5. shyco

    shyco New Member

    Jus jokin lmao !
  6. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

  7. shyco

    shyco New Member

    waz jus jkin bcrich ;) !! tryin 2 b sarcastic ..so u a guitarist??
  8. ultrabot90

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  9. killerduck

    killerduck New Member

    UPDATE : Most of the stuff is already SOLD .

    The Digitech DF-7 (Distortion Factory) is still available .

    I was too late .... :(
  10. crusaderindia

    crusaderindia New Member

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