Ibanez guitar and Macbook!

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by sanglesh, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. sanglesh

    sanglesh New Member

    I've been playing guitar from my PUC and i never bought an electric guitar. I like ibanez, can someone give me some reviews on it. I'm also in the look out for a new laptop. I heard offers about Apple computers on radio indigo.
  2. riteshs

    riteshs New Member

    Ibanez guitars are great. Wes Borland, Monkey (Korn), Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are some of the great guitarists who use Ibanez guitars. The prices are reasonable in comparing with PRS, Gibson. This is due to the fact that Ibanez manufactures their Guitars in Korea, Indonesia, Japan and other countries of Asia. Ibanez guitar is always a good buy. Go for it.
    Mac is also a good computer. It gives value for money. Though the prices are bit expensive from other brands it’s definitely worth buying. Good performance, high resolution, lovely screen and of course good looks.
  3. Arunbhargav

    Arunbhargav New Member

    Ya get an Ibanez guitar and a Macbook. . . Both are good. I heard on the radio about Apple mac offers for students. It sounds like a good buy. Here goes the toll free number. 18004254646 ... Check for yourself.

    Also you can see this source http://www.apple.com/in/students/
  4. sanglesh

    sanglesh New Member

    I can invest around 25 k on guitar. Ibanez RG series are cool. I checked the Ibanez RG350DX and it comes under ma budget. Will wait and check for more.
    Waiting for my Dad to give me the cash for the MacBook. M picking up one soon..
  5. riteshs

    riteshs New Member

    Just heard the song 'tears don't fall' by bullets for my valentine...love it.
    Mac is good, the only thing is that the availability of software is limited comparing with windows. however this gap is shrinking... Go for it.
  6. sanglesh

    sanglesh New Member

    Awake, shake your dreams from your hair
    My pretty child, my sweet one
    Choose the day, and choose the sign of your day
    the days divinity, first thing you see…

    One if my favorite songs by The Doors!
    Listening on my Macbook...
  7. sandy.g

    sandy.g New Member

    I like fender, its the best for blues.
    Ibanez RZ series is also good for newbies.
    iLife is cool, it comes with Mac. Garageband, iMovie, iPhotos and iTunes are all cool features of Mac.
  8. amrutha9985

    amrutha9985 New Member

    Loomis started making music with a drumkit, but soon he was bored and he started playing guitar.[2] He got his first instrument at nine or ten years old, but didn't start practicing seriously until around the age of 15.[2] As a teenager in Wisconsin he played in a handful of cover bands and three death metal bands before joining more established bands.[3][4] At the age of 16, Loomis won Wisconsin's Guitar Wars contest.
  9. riteshs

    riteshs New Member

    Guns n Roses performing in Blore on November. I will not miss at any cost! AXL rose taking on Blore's stage will be an amazing experience.
  10. abhijitabhijeet

    abhijitabhijeet New Member

    Guns n Roses performing in Blore was just a Rumour. I wish they had come. Would love to watch their live concert. :p Well Sanglesh if you like Mac then you can probably check out Apple Mac Students Page on Facebook. You get all the updates about Macs in India. Check this source bit.ly/baH5Z
  11. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

    ibanez z d best

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