I thought & that was a mistake.. come back!!

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    I thought and that was a mistake
    i should have felt it

    hey kid come back
    its your home
    My stupid mind is just the address
    Its you who can appreciated the taste, not my tummy and tongue behind the hunger
    its you who use to feels not just the softness of her breast but her heart
    its you who tasted the water when the tasteless liquid quenched my thirst
    its you who created colours from smells when I could just in-hale the sent
    I touched u felt, I fought u dealt, I eat u satiated, I saw u dreamed,
    I wrote u told, I just pressed the frets u played..
    The mind is mindful now
    I'm wiser
    I want to be the same old me
    no tricks lets play
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    Hello Monica,

    How can we contact you ?
  3. monica_decosta

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    I don't want to be contacted.

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