I have to tell you something

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    I have to tell you something,
    And that's not 'I love you'
    There's a lot of noise in here
    In my heart, that you can't hear.

    Being so grossly engrossed
    In my thoughts, I love
    Every moment with you I memorised
    Those awesome moments I crazily drove!

    I had had this life before,
    Being loved was a treasure I cherish
    Never shall I lose it again, dear
    Not being with you, I just perish.

    Don't take me the wrong way
    Our first we time was on a highway
    You know, I had to steer hard carefully
    Babbled out my thoughts too hastily.

    Believe me, I shall make it up to you,
    Just give us an another chance
    The music I listen is no longer blue
    Accompany me, you will love this trance.
  2. some of the lines are too good it paints a vivid picture ... keepposting ;)

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