i did not surrender ,, i resigned

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  1. nandy0894

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    i don't surrender
    i resign from you life
    yes, i want to end it all with that shining knife
    i am not afraid
    to point out the goodbyes that i bade
    i am not stupid, coward, eccentric or bad
    guess that my share of miseries i have had
    i know i am not mature enough to think what i am thinking
    but i can't think of anything else ..my heart here is sinking
    i think of family..drop a tear
    and wipe it off...still no fear
    i think of every unimportant person in my journey
    then i know that none would care though they are so many
    i think of friends and i cry some more
    feeling that im ditching everyone ..feeling as disgraced as a whore
    i then think of you
    then remember that we're through
    i stare at the moon
    like some loon
    i know you won't care
    i think then why shall i not take up this dare
    half of my life, i've just lived so that you might take notice
    i am thinking now to slit through that wrist, be carefree and know bliss
    i pick up the knife
    i shut my eyes
    think of all the betrayals, all the lies
    trying hard to shift my thoughts to something wise
    i can't! i just can't i slash it though..i cry..but not for this pain
    but for some other..that probably has no name

    i breathe fast ..and i breathe slow and i fall on the ground
    close my eyes..losing my breath..just wanting to feel you around
    and knowing that no one would come .. i drop a tear
    shutting my eyes for one last time..ah i now feel you near
    and i put up my smile
    just for one last time.

    i did not surrender..i resigned from you life
    i am now free..in bliss ..i am done away with all struggle and strife ..
  2. Vader

    Vader New Member

    wow... this is a great improvement to your prev.. very dark very powerful poetry...
    i could actually see the images in my head(which i guess is what you were going for)
  3. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    prev. = which one??
    and dark..yea sure it is..
    thank you .. :)

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