I am still alive!

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    A bond we share is so strong, with death it cannot die
    I am not breathing anymore, but I am still alive

    You cannot hear me , I am not visible to your eyes
    As long as I am in your heart I am still alive

    You are sad , and unhappy and I know you will cry
    But if you smile again , you will know I am still alive

    I may not be a part of your daily life
    But if I am in your thoughts , I am still alive

    When you look at the sea , you will find me in every tide
    When you go for a walk , you will find me walking side by side

    Whenever you wish to meet me, look up into the sky
    I am in every cloud, every star, in every bird that can fly

    In this world , you shall always realize ,
    That no matter what “ I am still alive”


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