I am a vocalist in delhi in search of a band for pop/soft rock.

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by addygoel, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. addygoel

    addygoel New Member

    heyy i am a vocalist in delhi looking for a some band joining.. not trained but far better than them u find all oveer the city.....so pls contact if any need arises..thnks
  2. TanayS

    TanayS New Member

    for starters, will a guitarist do?

    alright...1st things 1st...i do not live in delhi but yes, i have been looking for a vocalist...i play the guitar...not much into distortion though...i play leads and i play chords(for when you sing)...and we can contact through mail if you interested...i'll be waiting... :)
  3. pallav2122

    pallav2122 New Member

  4. anujbawa

    anujbawa New Member

    Looking for a good vocalist

    Hi ! We are basically a band which plays rock. Choice of numbers is basically versatile ranging from Van Halen, Metallica, GNR to Fire House. Also have a few self comps in the making. Looking for a like minded vocalist. If you are intereted, please contact me on anujbawa@yahoo.com

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