How to play the artificial harmonics

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  1. AceRoom

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    I know that there are different types of artificial harmonics. Can some one tell how to play the artificial harmonics in which you lightly touch the fret 12 frets above and which finger you use to play it. Can some one also explain how to play pinch harmonics. Thnx
  2. mr singh

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    the way i play them (classical guitar)... is if u want an artificial harmonic for a 2nd fret on the 4th string, then press down on the 2nd fret with ur left hand, and place ur index finger above the 14th fret and pluck using ur pinky finger... i.e. use the fret 12 frets up from the fret of which u want the artificial harmonic
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    How bout natural harmonics? How do we pull those off on an electric?
  5. shsnawada

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    You can do natural harmonics by slightly touching selected notes (the easiest one for practicing the 12th fret, but you can try the 7th aswell). What youre doing by that is youre "splitting the string" into two (if youre playing the 12th).

    ps: I learnt it here
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  6. AceRoom

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    I usually play with a pick. I found out how to play pinch harmonics on Ultimate Guitar. I was wondering if you wanted to play:
    A.H. 12​
    B I--------5------I

    Would you bring your picking hand upto 17th fret?
    Also I was wondering what were semi-harmonics.

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