how to play songs written in chords

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  1. Kash50

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    Hi there, I'm a very new guitarist, so far I have played a few songs which were written in tabs format... my problem is I dont know how to read/play songs written in chords format..... i have learned a few chords but i dont understand how can someone play a whole sentense of a song in just 2 or 3 chords..... do we strum the whole chord at once or we do it string by string.... for example

    G C
    Gal sunja o meree Tu jaan waliya
    G D C
    tainoo rab da he raakha o jaan waliya


    G#m C#m B
    Aap ki yaad aati raheeeee raat bhar

    A B C#m
    Raa aa aaat Bhaaaar

    Please help me out here guyz...... I love to play, I just need a little push, I'd be really greatfull to all of you,
    regards... Kash
  2. kl12

    kl12 (Ghost Note)

    u have to keep strumming the chord written until u feel that u should change to the next chord . its not neccessary that u strum the chord only once...u have to maintain a rhtym whn u strum the chords.
  3. ssslayer

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    u can either keep strumming the chord repeatedly ... till next chord ...

    u can strum it once ...

    u can arpeggiate by playing one string at a time ...
  4. Kash50

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    Thanks bro... this helped

    Thanks bro... this helped

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