How to play guitar chords?

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  1. tejas doshi

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    hey guys i am a new member here and i have started to learn the acoustic guitar.
    so can u pls help me to know the meanings of the various pictures that are depicted to show how to play the chords and leads.
    do those dashes show the frets and what do those numbers indicate.
    i would be obliged if u help me out.
  2. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    the horizontal lines are frets and the vertical lines are your strings. the leftmost vertical line is your 6th string. and the one on the far right is your 1st string. (the 6th is the fattest one, btw and the 1st is the skinniest one)

    the numbers represent which finger is placed on which fret. start with your pointer finger-thats represented by the number one and so on so forth. (you see 1 on the fourth fret second string..thats where you put your pointer finger) There are some chords that are extremely important and so those i think you should just memorize...

    here, theres this easy link that should be able to help you get started...
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  3. Shashank007

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    Download D Accord chords dic.....just enter the name of the chords.... u'll get the finger positions..... the notes the chord is made up of everything.....and u can virtualy play it too..........

    But read some music theory it or u'll find sum in the beginners forum........

    rest Petunia explained last word

    MUSIC NEEDS PATIENCE...............never loose it.....

    best of luck

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