How to master guitar chords and stumming

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  1. djmoon

    djmoon New Member

    hi all. i m new here just registered and this is my first post. i m playing guitar approx 6 months and i m champ in playing tabs only. now i want to be master in chords. i even dont know how to play them. i have memorized some chords but dont know how to switch between them, there is no teacher for me and for this i m here with u guys. pelase help me because music is my passion. actually i m master at paino. i learnt it 4 years when i was in dubai but now unfortunately i m in pakistan for studies and currently i m doing ACCA. please help me because u r genius and i ll be more thankful to you. Guide me from where to start. please note i have memorized some chords. just tell me how to play a song? what is strumming and what are the key points of this? well thats all.... hope to hear from you very very soon
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    well..learn all major chords....minor and sus...the very first thing..then learn the chord relation..i mean..what are family chords example~ D-G-A , E-A-B , C-D-G etc,. and then switch b/w em..( u can learn more abt em from tut websites).that will help u a bit..then i must say..u shud find a good tutorial website..there have been few postings before here abt many tutorial websites... so search igt for that 1 i recall is its pretty nice..or u urself can find one..but go by the ones suggested here..thats all i can suggest for now..have patience and work hard...keep us updated abt ur developments..all the best!

  3. djmoon

    djmoon New Member

    thanks dear
  4. dream_seller

    dream_seller New Member

    hey djmoon...i am also a newbie like you and i dont even have the edge of knowing how to play piano..a month or so back i was exactly at ur place but now i can comfortably switch chords..i ll tell u what i did.
    as vini said u should play the chords in progression like C-D-G and so on..u jusy switch between them..give it a simple strumming like D-D-D-D(D=down) and when u switch chords u wont b able to hold the whole chord togeather go string by string like say if u are switching from D to C then on first strum u hold the second string and on second u hold the fourth and so on...but dont let the tempo go ..
    this technique helped me...may be it ll help u as u know all is practise..

  5. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hey moon

    hey moon if i remember correctly yesterday u had asked the same ques in some other thread ..
    anyway u said that u had trouble shifting chords ... and ppl are unable to make out the song u try to play ...
    i guess the song u mentioned was "pehla nasha" from JJWS ...\
    well here are the correct chords ... (and you cannot expect the chords to do singing ... so u havta do the singing part ;-)
    here it goes:


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  6. djmoon

    djmoon New Member

    thanks to all again. wanna ask some question regarding pehla nasha song.

    F Dm
    Chahe tum kuch na kaho

    well i play f and Dm but it doesnt sound correct. i want to know how mant time i play this chord i mean is it only at once F and Dm or so many times because by playing F and Dm it doesnt sound chahe tum kuch na kaho. pelase tell me this and thanx in advance. bye bye have a good day
  7. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned far as im concerned u dont play F and Dm many times...just strum it once.....smthing like...
    F...."chahe tum kuch"....Dm and "na kaho" together.....just try dis.....and lemme kno if it wrks...
  8. djmoon

    djmoon New Member

    well brother i m now really amazing that how chord will work listen dude i ll explain what i m doing with this.

    F...."chahe tum kuch"....Dm "na kaho

    well i first play F major chord in fluid motion and than Dm also fulid motion. i mean that strings are strumming together and not only at one string at a time so when i do this i just hear starnge sound and no one can belive that it is chahe tum kuch na kaho. I m sure i m doing some thing worg with the chords. my guitar is tuned. i m surprizingly asking that what is the secret after all. I dont know what i m doing wrong with the chords.
    please tell me that how we strum a single chords. i mean all string together or one by one.

    secondly please is there any one who can give me his Msn Id because i really wanna play guitar and as i told u before that it is my passion. Hope you will understad my situation. anyways hope to hear from u soon.
    bye bye
  9. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hey dont keep strumming the chords on n on ...
    it is meant to simulate piano ... and in piano u just hit the chord once ...
    just check if the guitar is tuned perfectly ... many times even one string outta tune will sound awful ...
    the chords work fine coz i play along with the song ...
  10. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    dude....chk out the signatures of sm experieced members of IGT...they hav put their yahoo n msn ids...u can get in touch with them....
  11. djmoon

    djmoon New Member

    thx a lot buddy
  12. sisu

    sisu New Member

    i have problem with strumming...i mean is it necessary tht the same strumming pattern is used for the whole song..or somey\times v need to change in between as per the song..normally as per i know,one song shud have only one srumming pattern...isnt it?n by the way wts the strummin pattern for the this song...i mean for PHELA NASHA...CyPhEr can ya help?
  13. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    nice link vini
    i have been there when i started guitaring last year n yes it did helped me
  14. sambitsatpathy

    sambitsatpathy New Member

    chords might be right. but what you lack here is the strumming pattern. unlike piano you have to strum guitar. when you play the chords it is either a single strum and you wait till you strum the other or same chord again. and there are times when you keep strumming the same chord till you change to the next chord and strum again.
    anyway i can go blah balhing like this. a suggestion... there is a nice post on strumming by a guitar dude named 'bandbaaja'. it has been marked as a 'sticky'. so it is always on the top of the page. go to the beginner's forum. i guess it is there. go thrugh that and that will help you.
    one more this posting...there is a nice link that vini had mentioned about. there are some strumming patterns given in that with videos. check'em out. read bandbaaja's post.
    then you will have some idea about the chords.
    trick is to strum the chord till you reach the point where the notes change and you have to strum the other chord again. but this strumming has to be in a pattern. not just Fm once and then Dm once.
    This is the pain of learning alone. I have gone tru the same too in the past.
    all the best and keep tryin.
  15. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----&gt; Zhol-Man&lt;----

    hey u can add me as same for yahoo..and abhishekmanjrekar for msn..ill help in all possible ways i can..and as far as pehla nasha,ill help u throoughout..coz i play it pretty well..the leads and the chords also..and the entire song is adlibeed..strrumm only for male part..newayz add me if u wish..ill guide u further... :p:
  16. vish_rocks

    vish_rocks New Member

    cool discussion

    but as always . saying is different from doing .

    first of all a big thanks to the moderator(hope i spelled it correctly) ur link to that light blue colored site was extra ordinary . i went through a few strumming patterns and had this thought.

    can any of the guitar gurus here do the same thing. i mean record any song in that manner. (hye moderator why dont u give it a start)

    hope some one will help beginners like me.and plz i dont want that GO TO A TEACHER thing.ok. i am stuck on a job where i work all night so cant even think about tutions.
  17. itwasnoteasy

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