how to know the scale of a song?

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  1. amogh_war

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    hi all
    few days back i had posted my attempt at " yeh dosti". vini advised me that the song was in G scale. what i do is that i first try and play the song note by note and then try and fit in chords...moment i find one chord i try and see which other chords fit in with it in the chord groups as some call it. what i am struggling with is what does one mean when the person says that a particular song is in a particular scale...does it mean and the chords to be played are to be from that group? please...i need grateful if anyone could explain.
    happy guitaring
  2. nihalparkar

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    The scale of the song depends on two things: component notes, and the tonal center ...

    First play the tune on your guitar, then identify the notes that are being used in the song ...

    for eg, if all notes are natural, but only F is sharp, then it is a good scale that the scale is G Major ... but if the tonal center is E and B also plays a major role, then the scale will be a mode (a variation) of the G Major scale - the E Aeolian, or the E minor scale ...

    If F and C are sharp, then it is likely to be in the D major scale, if the tonal center is D (means if D and A are emphasised in the song)

    and so on ...

    you can use the major scale formula (WWHWWWH) or the Circle of Fifths procedure to find what notes are sharp/flat in different major scales ...
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  3. jozko

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    nihalparker, great post man.
    I use a similar approach to get chords and notes though i don't know technical terms. And since i don't know theory or have sharp ears, results are usually wrong. Will try to learn theory so that i can understand your explanations.

    Great to have you here. rgds
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    Yes,if i say.."xyz" song is in "Amajor" scale then the song has to have only following chords...i mean can be played from following:-

    And if i want to know how to find out the scale of a song then i follow the mix of approaches mentioned by u and nihal...after this process i come over a find out if its correct..i play along with the original that tells me if i need to take the determined scale higher or lower to come to the original scale.
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Usually, though it is not necessary.

    exempli gratia:
    The song Chura liya hai tumne jo dilko, starts off on Am.
    And has chords Gmaj and Fmaj (I guess), you can be convinced that the song is in key of Cmaj or Amin (equivalent).

    However, there is certain usage of chord Amaj also in teh song.

    This example was just off the cuff, probably I did not list correct chords. But, for illustration of my point, it will do.
  6. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ya..and that makes finding out the chords more tough! also its not necessary that a song would be in one key!! usually songs are..but u may find a many which may use a key or two!...but amogh forget that for now..else it would get complex for u
  7. jozko

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    Only a good authority on music can come up with exact/close chords to a song or musical piece, unless it is basic.

    Bandbaaja for e.g., chk his posting on O Mera Dil Ke chain song. He xplains it so well that it starts with A major and then switching to Aminor. And he explains a grace note during prolonged merayyy in third count. chk his works. he is ears + theory, i think. Also chk bandbaajas work on sholay theme music. he is explaining note by note. Another such song seems "aise na mujhe tum".

    The best chord cracker (MHO) Kishmu posted guitar prasannas "July Maatham" chords. Prasanna himself posted correct ones later. You people should listen to that song and other of prasannas work. Greatest indian guitarist as far as i know. Think he plays for ARR and IR

    'Seasons in the sun' i came across lately is said to have used ('gear shift' they say) quick scale changes. And is considered bad practice by some. But song was superhit, largest selling in canada when it was released

    After all rules are out of music, music not out from rules.

    Of course if one is not too particualr or caring to play proper chords, like me, they can compromise. just some thoughts

    And anybody knows 'Haye mera dil' - josh chords. Or theory people crack it? send or post link please
  8. jozko

    jozko Banned

    alpha, think itz good example, and bandbaaja has worked that song too here. compare his and others chords on same song and his level of details
  9. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    can anyone post a good tutorial about this...?????
    please it would be a lot helpful..n please mention the basics too!!!
  10. jozko

    jozko Banned

    yes i too look forward. And if a simpler, easy to follow one is already here or elsewhere. Can someone give link?
  11. amogh_war

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    how to find the scale of a song

    thanks for the replies guys...guess i have to brush up ona lot of theory to really understand some of the stuff that nihal sent...but i think i see light at the end of the tunnel now...once again i am really grateful to all you guys who are helping me so selflessly....
    will keep sharing my progress and further doubts ....

    i think the person who thought about the idea of starting this site deserves a special thanks...from all of us who would have been in the dark...otherwise...
    happy guitaring....
  12. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

  13. amogh_war

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    thanks a lot vini i had the chord chart but there was a chord missing in each key in the one that i had...thanks for filling up the gaps.

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