How to find out chords for any song, need advice.

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  1. nova

    nova New Member

    Hello !
    Can any one help me out to learn the trick to figure out the chords for any song,there must be some rules for that ,please give some advice ,tell me what do you think.
    Best regards!
  2. metalrocker887

    metalrocker887 New Member

    hey dude the deal is if u r lazy get the chords from the web, if u want to do it manually it takes practice, like take a song u know the chords for listen to it and try to (without a guitar) tell which chord is coming, tht'll help u learn to recognize the sound of different can also take a guitar put th song on and jus listen to it and see how many times he changes the chords before geting back to the beggining of the progression, then try to find out wht chord he starts with, which is usually the key of the song and then you can subsequntly find the rest of the chords by jus trying to match certain chords with tht i said it takes practice....
  3. Saadman..

    Saadman.. New Member

    .......i remeber when i just started chording songs... i used to 1st tab it out.. that way i knew which note the song started from. and if the tabbing of the song fell in a major progression then the song must start wid the major chord..

    so that way,you have your home chord........ and the rest of the chords will be quite easy to figure out...

    btw,this requires alot of ear training and duh.... also alot of practice on guitar!..
  4. fisherman

    fisherman New Member

    matel rocker ur absolutely wrong...its practically impossible to hear n remember sound of a chord......try it..try remembering ne 1 of the chords n try to recollect it after sum tym..thats not poss dude.
  5. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    You can only figure out chords when you know the sound of every chord... For that, you need to practice...
    Another piece of advice... If you figure out the scale in which the song is going, it will become much easier to figure out... because chords will become more restricted as u can't use every chord in every scale (e.g. u can't play D Maj chord in C Maj scale.. )
  6. demoniac

    demoniac New Member

    hey dude i gotta advice for you

    play any song
    start the chord with A, then E and Then G and Again E

    this is the pattern which fits every song ( almost )
    try it out!!

    thnk you
  7. paati

    paati New Member

    rule #1 u need to have good ears. someting called relative pitch.
    rule #2 , assuming u meet conditions of rule #2, you must have some form of musical train or at least self learned knowledge about raags or basic western music theory. iam talking about notes in a scale etc.
    rule #3. you should listen to a lot of music, and have the ability and patience to focus on individual tracks within the song.

    if you have all of the above, then youshuld be able to pick up how to play melodies.
    and using same skill set be able to pick up more than one melody layered on top of each other.. aka harmony or chords.

    if u rely on some other rules like major chord is 1+3+5 minor chord is 23-4-9 kinda random stuff.. then odds r u r gonna come to a website like this each time u want to find chords and music for a new song.

    FLASH GORDEN New Member

    Sorry sugata I don't agree with you . If a C major scales cotains F# note
    then many times or I can say most of the times there is D major chord is
    used . Diminished chords are also used in many songs but according to your
    theory it is impossible to use them .

    DREAM BEAVER New Member

    I think Sugata is saying about simple scale C , D , E , F , G , A , B thats
    why he mention that .
  10. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Well, that's for those ppl who are doing advanced learning. Once, someone learns a little bit of mode, he or she can play virtually every note! But for the beginers, i suggest to use only chords that relates to the "KEY" of the song....
    e.g., Dm, Em, F Maj, G 7th is a good choice when playing a song in C MAJOR scale. ain't it??
  11. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Yes, tht's the point i am trying to prove... You r absolutely ryte!!
  12. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    well for a song there will be only landing note.. for example take this song,

    Ninaithu ninaithu song from 7 G rainbow colony, if you have not heard this song just search google,.,

    for this song the landing note is G, so the song will be Gmajor, also not all songs will work like this, sometimes u have to hear the song and check in which scale the song is composed.., not much hard, i felt hard in beginning stage, but ok for me now.. enjoi..
  13. Gems bond

    Gems bond New Member

    Is this Hindi or English song ?
  14. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    sorry gems it's a tamil song

    DREAM BEAVER New Member

    Try some Ear training too .

    FLASH GORDEN New Member

    I know but you have to mention that clearly otherwise those who don't
    have knowledge get confused .
  17. sackhera

    sackhera New Member

    how to find a chord

    hi friends,
    as far as to find a chord, my master has told me first to find the nodes from which the song starts and u will find a chord on same node. So first play song classical way on guitar and u will find chords in same progression....
  18. NiGHtWoLF

    NiGHtWoLF New Member

    very little advice for every one.
    Any type of sad songs related with MINOR ;) !
    i hope u all will understand were major goes to :p !
    so try to understand the scale and the combinition of chords.

  19. sunilbogati

    sunilbogati New Member

    yeah actually finding a chord of the song is quite simple. first listen the song very carefully and try to play with your guitar for a long time and you will get the idea and then catching the scale you can try without the song.
    But try a hard .
  20. suman_uav

    suman_uav Member

    how to identify the scale after hearing a song???pls tell me..

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