How to figure out strumming pattern of a song played

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  1. manish

    manish New Member

    Hi friends,
    Really I found this site with a great collections of chords, songs and above all those people who share their knowledge and experiences. I have no words to say about that.

    Friends I m very new to guitar I play some songs which I lernt from a teacher, but now I try to learn myself. I always wonder that how someone come to know that in what strumming pattern a song is played. It's ok that we have chords, but how can one starts playing with a correct pattern.

    can anyone help me out...

    thanx in advance...;)
  2. huz9

    huz9 New Member

    am fairli new to guitar maself... buh i think the strumming pattern can only be identified by listenin to it very carefully... it could also have something to do with the time signature of the songs... the technique i use is as follow

    If i am playing Chord C then i would initially strum it both ways, i.e. up and down..


    Strumming on every count. Then i listen to song again and where i hear silences or pauses (they are very minor so listen carefully) i eliminate those strums.. for example:

    V^ ^ ^V

    Note: No strum on the count 2, 3 or + after 4

    buh i still move ma hand over the strings without strummin 'em so it dnt affect the over all pattern.. eg if i eliminate a downstroke "V" after playin and upstroke "^" ma right hand will be over the string forcing me to play a downstroke. therefore i cant play a downstroke straight after eliminating one so i have move ma hand at the bottom of the strings so an upper stroke can be played.. ma right hand would be moving up and down in a continuous motion through out the rhythm. This is called Syncopation.

    Hope this helps
  3. manish

    manish New Member

    thanx buddy, I will try this.
  4. subheet

    subheet Member

    Hey Manish !
    I am new too but an advise that u can play the song in any software that supports
    Voice Cancellation or Vocal Masking & also by varying the playing speed.. That will help u get the strum pattern by listenibg it carefully.
    Also many members hav recorded their songs and strumming patterns & uploaded on Soundclick. chk out that too.
  5. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Arre yaar the simplest way is to listen to it carefully and try to play with the song accurately. You do not need to be too much theoritical every time! :)

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