How to choose a guitar for us ????

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    I have seen many beginers asking a question "Which guitar should I buy?". Hope this article helps you.

    Frankly speaking the person who could give the CORRECT answer is the one who is asking the question.

    In Biology, we have studied that human brain has 4 lobes :-

    1.Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving

    2.Parietal Lobe- associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli

    3.Occipital Lobe- associated with visual processing

    4.Temporal Lobe- associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech

    Out of these 4 lobes Frontal Love and Temporal Lobe decides our sound likings. The type of sound it likes, you will like. This differs from person to person.

    Now how to analyze which type of sound these lobes like.

    Simple.. Analyze the type of music you love to listen.. Soft, Romantic, Sentimental, Classical or Hard core Metallic songs which will lead you to have a Saridon afterwards :).

    Soft, Romantic, Sentimental, Classical - These type of songs have more bass effect than others have more of trebble effect.

    In case you love to listen to Soft, Romantic, Sentimental and Classical type of songs then I guess you should go for a guitar having a good drum width which has more bass effect and sound sustaining capability. Otherwise go for a guitar having less drum width which will have more of trebble effect, may be electric guitar also.

    Mind it, there are guitars as cheap as 700 Rs with good sound quality like Givson. Its not at all compulsory that only a guitar costing above 10,000/- or 15,000/- will have a good sound quality.

    While choosing a guitar with a bigger drum size also consider the playing comfort level. Anyways this is not a big issue because after some time you get habituated to its size. The most important is the sound quality.

    If you listen to Soft, Romantic, Sentimental and Classical type of songs, after playing the guitar your eyes should close automatically and If you are a Rocker then, after playing the guitar your face should become red. Only then you will actually love your guitar.

    If you are learner do not select a full length fret board instead go for a half sized fret board. Its comfortable. And trust me 99% of any type of songs can be played on these half sized fret board guitars. So no issues there at all.

    So, I hope this article will help lot of newbies to land on the "GuitarLand" successfully.

    Happy String Breaking, :)

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