How to catch a lion...???

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    How To Catch a Lion !!!
    There are various methods, here are some ..... read on

    Ø Newton's Method:
    Let, the lion catch you.
    For every action there is equal and opposite reaction.
    Implies you caught lion.

    Ø Einstein Method:
    Run in the direction opposite to that of the lion.
    Due to higher relative velocity, the lion will also
    run faster and
    will get tired soon.
    Now you can trap it easily.

    Ø Software Engineer Method:
    Catch a cat and claim that your testing has proven
    that its a Lion.
    If anyone comes back with issues tell that you will
    upgrade it to

    Ø Indian Police Method:
    catch any animal and interrogate it & torture it to
    accept that its
    a lion.

    Ø Rajnikanth M ethod :
    Keep warning the lion that u may come and attack
    The lion will live in fear and die soon in fear

    Ø Jayalalitha Method:
    Send Police commissioner Muthukaruppan around 2AM and
    kill it, while
    it's sleeping!

    Ø Manirathnam Method (director):
    Make sure the lion does not get sunlight and put the
    lion in a dark
    room with a single candle lighted.
    Keep murmuring something in its ears.
    The lion will be highly irritated and commit suicide.

    Ø Karan Johar Method (director):
    Send a lioness into the forest.
    Our lion and lioness fall in love with each other.
    Send another lioness in to the forest, followed by
    another lion.
    First lion loves the first lioness and the second lion
    loves the 2nd
    But 2nd lioness loves both lions.
    Now send another lioness (third) into the forest.
    You don't understand right... it after 15
    yrs, then also
    u wont !

    Ø Yash Chopra method (director):
    Take the lion to Australia or US.. and kill it in a
    good scenic

    Ø Govinda method:
    Continuously dance before the lion for 5 or 6 days.

    Ø Menaka Gandhi method:
    save the lion from danger and feed him with some

    Ø George bush method:
    Link the lion with osama bin laden and shoot him!!!

    Ø Ravi Shastri method:
    Ask the lion to bowl to u.
    U bat for 200 balls and score 1 run
    Lion gets tired and surrenders
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  2. guitarangela

    guitarangela gran'ma

    gud one, it's funny
  3. somendra_guitar

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    coolgirl.....u r cool girl
  4. rocking_devil

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    familiar with the first half but the other half i dunno.but overall good!
  5. Hardik

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    ha ha...nice ones...had read some of them in a sms but many are new to me...nice post...:):)

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

  7. rechts_234

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    ;) hahahah good ! cool gurl !
  8. amit82cse

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    ha ha ha..................
  9. shak

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    haha .... yeah these are goood ... although i failed to get most of em ... but anywhooo ...
  10. DesiPride143

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    how do u catch coolgirl_babe?
  11. wisevijay

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    thats what i was the hell 2 catch coolgirl_babe
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    i know, do u wanna me to tell (hahahahaha)
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    ^keep it to yourself ... these guys would do anything honestly ....
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    Really gud joke............ like it
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    Nice find.
    The Indian Police method got a smile on my face.
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    nice ones...
  17. cYpHeR

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    old stuff....
  18. nik_bokacheley

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    Hey do ya have some tips how i cud catch a bird..?? Birds fly too high.. And their wings are too strong nowadays.. Even money can't keep them under control..

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    ^^^^^ DON'T TRY TO CATCH BIRDS.........U'LL ENDup in vain.........LET THE BIRD SIT IN UR HAND......DEN CATCH IT!!:grin:
  20. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    LOLZ>..leFTY..It seems u R a genious.. How many BIRDS U got?? BRO??:)..NE way.. I have to say something naughty.. So PM me on YaHOO..:)

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