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  1. lakhanisa

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    Hi All,

    I am playing guitar for last 4 months. I can play chords well. I can play songs chords. But I don't have much knowledge about Guitar theory. Can anyone please tell me from where to learn guitar theory? And also what all I need to learn in the theory? I know different formulas to find the sacle for notes and calculate the chord.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. bjr

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    Theory does not ensure mastery in guitar but it does help. The best place to learn theory is from a person qualified to explain it to you. You can also use music books or the internet to learn theory. However, you tend to truly understand theory only once you've put it to use.
  3. saurabhrocks

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    u'll find everything at

    or else google it up
  4. Suchetan

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    no defenite rule

    hi,there is no definite rule to success..please get yourself a good tutor..practice hard everyday and ask yourself the am i sounding?if you are satisfied...then you are a complete guitarist..i bet you will never be satisfied...practice practice.and practice..
  5. limaj_daas

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    There were three rlly good and comprehensive tutorials on or summin lik that...
  6. gulabjamun2

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    Good website for learning Guitar theory

    One site that I found very useful is:

    This guy does a great job of taking you from beginer level guitar theory lessons to advanced level.

  7. anshammer

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  8. Keoraf

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    It doesn't matter what instrument you want to be a master in, just be dependent upon your discipline, you just have to teach yourself to have the discipline to practise as often as possible and if you really want to be a master, then i suggest to practise everyday and then if you are a talented person you'll be a master for sure and if you aren't a talented person then you'll be a master aswell, but it will claim a lot of your live i guess!
    And ofcourse, the best way is to learn from a qualified person!
    You are playing for 4 months now, in the music world you are just a kid, so you've got to go a long way yet, but don't be afraid and just think about this: where there's a will, there's a way!!!!
  9. metalhead

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    I would suggest finding a teacher.. You would save lot of time and frustration.
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    omg.. mod still alive....
    after what was happening in other threads, i thought he didnt exist anymore.....
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    And I thought this thread wasn't for queries but only for tutorials? -_- I read the admin posting that in the Feedback section.

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