how play the "low note"

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  1. maaani

    maaani New Member

    hii... i want to ask to play low note ... for example :

    *= low note


    i think i should bend the 5th note downward ..

    am i right ..? i not plzz correct me .... nd wht does tremo bar means..?

    i hope so0me one help mee..
  2. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    bending downwards?

    Hi maaani,

    I donno wat a low note is... <Guys, wats dat?? >

    But can tell you this: theres no difference between bending a string upward or downward.... the pitch always increases, irrespective of the direction of the bend...

    and tremolo bar...? its a kind of a lever that can be attached to an electic guitar... jus see a Joe Sat video in google videos, and look out for the bar near his right hand.. they use it to vary the pitch and create cool effects...

  3. amitrichardxess

    amitrichardxess New Member

    on a neck if u move move top to bottom den u r moving frm lowr to higher notes
    or if u move from 1st string to 6th string den u r moving frm higher to lower notes. tremelo bar is used to vary the pitch, in tremelo we lossen the wire while pressing it up to 1 tone i think,
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Show me the tab where this is mentioned.
    Only the context can help.

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