how many using dial ups n how many dsl internet ?

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by .:SpY_GaMe:., Sep 13, 2005.


How do you connect to INTERNET?

  1. Dial Up (56kbps)

    6 vote(s)
  2. DSL / ADSL2 (64kbps & above)

    13 vote(s)
  3. Broadband over RJ-6/CAT 5-6 Cable over PPoE (256kbps & above)

    11 vote(s)
  4. ISDN (512kbps & above)

    5 vote(s)
  1. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    how many using dial ups n how many dsl??

    dsl surely is better lolz

    sorry forgot to add poll when tried to edit it its not possible cana mod plz add a poll in it

  2. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    I'm On BSNL dial-up..:mad:..It's damn slow..:mad:
    I'm gonna take broadband after i pass my 12th..;)
  3. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    i have broadband (256) at home ...

    the office net seems to be slower than that ...
  4. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    broadband zindabaad..;)

    gr8 speed.!!
  5. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

  6. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    hahaha nik

    have some patience

    mods still added options??

    they seems rapid to close threa dbut slow to respond to requests!! lolz
  7. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    me on BSNL dialup too. and it sucks bigtime.
  8. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    Me too on broadband folks.... and really dial-up sucks......
  9. dsl :rock:

    :rule: :p:
  10. zoomingrocket

    zoomingrocket TeChNiCaL AdMiNiStRaToR

    ^^^ Added POLL...

    How many of you know the actual speed terminologies used in India??

    Well...we all are made fool on the name of Broadband...
    I am on Iqara ISP with 256kbps connection...
    Now.. the 'kbps' part means... 'Kilo Bits Per Second'
    Many people feel its...256KB/s(Kilo Byte) ... calculate your actual KB/s speed...use the following rule:
    Multiply your 'kbps' number with 0.125 to get your actual speeds in KB(Kilo Byte)..
    So a 256kbps connection would yield 32(Kilo Byte Per Second)(practially its 27-35KB/s)
    Similarly.. a 64kbps would yield 8KB/s (On paper... practically its between 6-8KB/s)
    So..even a Dial Up Connection is fast enough for normal browsing...but guess what hampers the speeds??
    Its the poor infrastructure of your PSTN... poor copper cables...and a whole loads of other problems...

    So.. all i want to though TRAI has put the slot 256kbps and above as Broadband...its nothing as such!
    I would say a 512kbps and above line would give a real feel of Broadband...

  11. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    i have the connection...iqara 256 i know why i get only 30 KBps download speed.... :annoyed: ...i say this is cheating :mad: :mad:
  12. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    here is mine :: 6:00am to 7:00pm = braodband...then it dets locked by default as per our settings....
    the from 7:01 pm to 5:59am - dail up!
  13. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    ^^what kind of a connection that is??:annoyed:
  14. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    i use reliance fwp.
    115.2 kbps
  15. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    i dunno myself...but thats the case here!sounds unique :grin:
  16. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    thansk for the info
  17. shak

    shak Harrr!

    @zooom: yes thnx for that ... many people do confuse bits with bytes .. and nibbles with munchies..haha .. get me?

    i use 512kbps broadband .. but have been on 56k and 256k ... and i agreee with zoom that to experience broadband you atleast need 512kbps

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    haam toh nik aur sayan ke raste me dain.........are dial up jindabad:p::p:( poor copper cables:p:)
  19. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    :eek::..I guess DIAL-UPs are good for economy..!! Costs less and easy to use..:p:..

    ^^Grapes are sour post;;)
  20. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

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