How important is a antivirus if you don't do anything special on the internet?

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by bishvabis, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. bishvabis

    bishvabis New Member

    I only have 1 computer in my house. All I do on it is check the news, play non username/password required games, and basically nothing else. I know people say every computer needs a antivirus. But the only thing I do on it that requires anything personal is a yahoo account. How important is it to use a antivirus? My mom says 30-60$ is a little expensive and I needed to come on here to check if I should.
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  2. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    virus usually enters a pc through internet..and usage of external removable devices..such as external hard disk,pen drive...etc...if you dont use internet or any external device then your pc would be can download an antivirus from the internet if you want to have one...
  3. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    looks like ur safe but still without an antivirus a computer can run
    some antiviruses also make ur pc heavier(slower)
  4. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    ya antiviruses do make your computer slower thats because it usually runs an auto full scan process of your system ...everytime the computer gets can disable the scanning process...which will make your pc run a bit fast
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    There are FREE ANTI VIRUS software also.
  6. Vader

    Vader New Member

    why pay when the best antivirus is free
    google Avast
  7. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    i remember once i installed two was avast and the other was kaspersky...first scanned the pc with avast 2 virus found...and then with kaspersky...14 virus found and one virus was inside avast system files..hehe.(both were having the latest updates)
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^ Of course you do know about false positives?
  9. cooldesert

    cooldesert New Member

    You would still need an antivirus and firewall. Even if you aren't browsing, you could be attacked based on your IP Address. Think like, a country which has few ports to enter like air or sea. Now, you have security to monitor few destinations but hacker will try to find any port which is left open and unmonitored to enter. similarly, on computer, ports can be scanned to check if it accepts remote connections and hackers can gain access (yahoo had that issue in early days, attachments bug). BTW, a simple javascript is enough to spoil your day as well. Its always recommended to have antivirus. And Avast is one of the best free sources, you just have to register with them once. As you have mentioned the figures in $ (30-60$), there are many deals available on antivirus in USA. I've bought Norton and McAfee for 3$. Check Fry's. at times, people have earned from buying after processing rebates.
  10. hanery

    hanery New Member

    If you are not use Internet limited and not open untrusted risky sites then you do not need any anti virus software,
    because anti virus software decrease the performance of the computer. There are very least chance that your computer will affect with virus or other malicious programme in trusted website so don't worry use Internet without any kind of software.
  11. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    There are cracked versions of Norton available on the net. Else u can install AVG which is free. And computer without antivirus is an invitation to a virus. And most of the viruses come through mails. So ur yahoo mail is not safe as you think it is.
    Install AVG Antivirus + MalwareBytes. Both are free.
  12. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Thats not true at all..A computer needs an antivirus. Period. You increase the risk of exposing ur personal data on the sites through cookies and unprotected IP. Virus helps in blocking such threats.
    And yes antiviruses such as Norton, McAfee do make ur PC slow. but if u have 1+ GB of RAM u dont have to worry at all...If u have less than a gb Ram then Install light weight antivirus such as AVG
  13. sohamgig

    sohamgig New Member

    download windows live security essentials d bst av 1 cn gt free,dn install malwarebytes.both r free

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