how actually chords are interpreted?

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    hi guys ,

    am a beginner and can play basic notes ... i want to sing a song while using rhythm from guitar. can someone help me on how to synchronize chords with the lyrics ?

    pl look in to the chord for ilayanila below

    Ilaya nila Pozhigiradhae
    C#m B C#m

    Ithayam varai nenaigirathae
    C#m B C#m

    Ulaa poagum maegham kanaa kaanumae
    C#m C#m B

    Vizha kaanumae, vaaname
    E A Gbm D Ab C#

    pl Look in to first line....

    now when should i hav to play the chords,
    I guess C#m should be played when beginning to sing "ilaya".
    Now when should I strum B chord
    a. while starting to sing "nila"
    b. while starting "Pozhigirathe"

    Like this I could n't understand the timing relation between chords and lyrics
    I hope u people understand my issue. can some giv some clues ?

    Thanks in adv

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