hotel califonia endin solo in a new way check it out

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  1. jim4u18

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    hi guys just accidently i was holdin Bm chords n was playin the first three strings it seems the the solo played in hotel california
    the part where both the guitaist plays together

    just hold Bm play first three strings n soon with the chords it seems perfect
    then F# n play 2 3 4 string n so on the chords every 1 knows
    they r
    Bm F# A E G Em F#
    do tell me how it seems i mean only thirds r played in tht track but for newbie this can be easy to play rather than playin those thirds
    plz do reply
  2. bjr

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    I've always played them that way.....I know of no other way of playing the last part. That's the way they play on the unplugged track.
  3. sDEVs

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    Ya, the chords are exactly correct, as I also play them. The begning lead also coincides with the chord sequence. The real head ache is playing the end lead (which he has played with bare fingers & not used the plectrum) I havent reached there yet. Ill inform if I know something more or vice versa...
  4. sDEVs

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  5. jim4u18

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  6. abhimanjrekar

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    ^^ i was gonna say same....thx..
  7. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I stand corrected, thank you.

    As far as I can remember, there are two guitars playing together....One playing the arpeggio of the chord and the other playing the thirds. Am I correct in thinking this? I'm totally confused now.
  8. fat_kax

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    dude - aint that the chords from, aneone know there exists a national donotcall registry...i think its spanish or sumfin...worth a mention i think...

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