Hohner vs Yamaha

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ygdrasil24, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. ygdrasil24

    ygdrasil24 New Member

    Hi ppl!

    I own a Yamaha f-210..bought from bharat,delhi..........seems good enough for 4500.( nt convinced its d original yamaha ) ....planning to sell it off to buy a old Hohner LW 1200N.....for 8000 Guitar is ok but ....looks old also its 6 tuning keys are missing( its a 12 string guitar )
    Not able to decide ....though there is difference in tone quality....Hohner is original its sure........plz suggest me...! waiting 4 replies buddies....:)
  2. nicesachin

    nicesachin New Member


    4500 Rs for a new F210 is the correct price mate. have you also got Stand for the guitar & Cover from Yamaha along with it ? F210 is a guitar with a very sweet sound. There comes some F210 attached with Tuner & Pickup. Dealers usually sell those guitars at a price arround 6300 Rs. However i have never heard the other guitar you are talking about.
  3. ygdrasil24

    ygdrasil24 New Member

    nopes....only guitar in some non-wooden case...I had case no stand..only d guitar .....i am surprised to see n 6300....for d qualizer i saw at bharat was worth 3500....i mean it was a gud one.....but dis hohner(USA)..newayz i hve decided nt to sell dis one...coz its new..and sounds fine...so will buy a new later..ne idea which strings to buy from delhi..i bot galli worth 200 for 6 strings......and u have ne idea of equalizers....i want to put in it but dnt have much of idea
  4. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    buy a new yamaha dude..
  5. ygdrasil24

    ygdrasil24 New Member

    hey ambush why do u think i shud buy a new onw.I already own one

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