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    jaldi jadi quickly

    wana no more n more abt hippy culture (ya, d same, dat was shown in d movie 'HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA' )
    wat I no abt dem is dat they r d rebell group, formed by some really cool ppl who started 2 revolt against govt. & d whole unreal world. They exists in Goa, Himachal Pradesh. Manytimes I really feel 2 become a hippy as their lifestyle includes jus music, rebel n ...drugs.
    If anybody no or hv any related stuff, add 2 dis hippy world.
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  3. The best thing about the hippy movement was the youth of the affluent 60's
    began to search for the reason of existance and that you have to be one with nature.

    Peace and love to all mankind was thier symbol.
    What a pity it has got trampled on.

    I will never forget thier fantastic contribution to the world, by forcing an end to the vietnam war which killed 2 million vietnamese people.
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    bein a hippie is a state of mind - its more than the colorful clothes n crazy lifestyle - its abt tunin into ur real self, findin a meaning for ur existence, a sense of purpose tht leads to fuller self expression & breakin out of artificial chains imposed by society

    modern hippies know where to draw the line when it comes 2 drugs - if u hav 2 depend on artificially inducing a state of mind then theres sumthin wrong - its a fools paradise - drugs look cool n seductive but ultimately bring the exact opposite of the desired effect - u want pure joy, true meaning, love, peace but drugs ultimately bring only paranoid delusions, emptiness, loneliness n despair.......be cool, be hip but also be smart be real......if u still wanna do drugs i cant stop u - but also consider clean alternatives like my favrite one www.artofliving.org

    om shanti om
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    .oops double post by mistake...
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    He ZING, I think u took me wrong. I don't wana b a druggist at all, but yes, I do belive in experimentetion.
    I started smoking 4 yrs back & my friend told me dat u'll make it as a habit 4 sure but i proved him wrong!!
    Anyways, thnx 4 ur contri.
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    ^^^ But to be a druggist you need to atleast complete your BPharma first and foremost, additionally a degree of MPharma also helps.

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