hindustani and karnatic scale charts

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  1. RahulD

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    You know how you have blues scales tabbed out, and charted on the fretboard from which you can write your own songs...

    does hndustani music and karnatic music have a similar thing for the guitar/or any other instrument.... i'm sure there is...

    i would love to learn some hindi scales so i cold write some of my own hindi songs on the guitar...

    3DOORSDOWN New Member

    plz give tabulature form of raga..

    its very difficult for a newbie to try ragas...
  3. highwalker

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    Use Major scale pattern on any key and you have Hindustani scale. Primarily C-Major pattern is the Shuddha hindustani scale. Advanced users will reckon that applying different modes changes the scale on similar lines as for different ragas... for example - apply Phrygian mode on C-scale makes it Bhairavi raga scale...

    If you want i can give you the C-major scale pattern for you to start off on...

    p.s: Please check the thread on modes to give you a lead on this:

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