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  1. sachin_k

    sachin_k New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am a beginner and am thinking of getting an electric guitar. Question is are there are a lot of hindi songs that can played on the electric guitar or should I stick to an acoustic one?

    Can someone suggest a list of Hindi songs to be played on the electric guitar?

  2. arsalankhan

    arsalankhan New Member

    hey wassup..
    both guitars are basiclly the same but they just sound different, and u can play the same songs on both of these guitar, but the tone will be slightly different..i have an ele. guitar, however i personaly think acou. guitars are better..but it all depends on wat u like and the taste
    i hope that helped!
  3. Ashish<AK>

    Ashish<AK> New Member

    AK here....

    U are a real LOL....dude firstly learn ascoustic....Elcetric will come after thta okk...dude got it....
  4. sachin_k

    sachin_k New Member

    Thanks Arsalan..

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