hi.... would the neck bend....?

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    Its been about 2 months that i started playin a guitar.... I have a gbna jazz guitar... Now, today at a shop that I went to put a pick up, the person there says the guitars neck has bent.....

    I couldnt observe it, but that bothers me....

    Anyway, if it is so that a neck would bend, what should I do to avoid it?

    I also hear a few saying I shouldnt use different strings of different brands.... Does that also make a difference?
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    ^ this is something i've never heard before.

    as far as using different strings of different brands are concerned, i don't think that makes a difference to the guitar (body that is) ... offcourse it has effect on the sound ...
  3. vstanv

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    hopin tat such a thing wouldnt happpen....
  4. CrYpTiC_angel

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    Maybe he's talking about warping?
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    Yes, the neck DOES indeed bend

    Dear VStanV

    It is incredible to imagine how much tension a guitar must withstand, especially on the neck. Usually fretboards are made using rosewood or ebony because they are very sturdy woods. Inside the neck of a guitar, there is a metal bar (or even two, like my Simon and Patrick acoustic) commonly known as a truss rod. The truss rod can be adjusted using an allen key from the inside of the soundhole, although you should never do this on your own.

    Two things may have caused the neck to bend: the first may have been some shock damage to your guitar causing the truss rod to shift, or if it is new it may have not been adjusted properly when you purchased it. Secondly, humidity plays a huge factor in the way a guitar is sitting, especially if it is an acoustic. The lack of humidity, as well as high amounts of humidity causes warps and cracks in the body of a hollowbody (which is what i am assuming your guitar is) and especially in acoustics. It could also cause warpage, which are ripples in the fretboard.

    To determine if your neck is bent, or if it is warped, first look at the straightness of it compared to the body of the guitar (unless yours is an archtop). The fretboard should meet the body perfectly flush and stay perfectly flush right up till the nut (what the strings sit on near the tuners). If the fretboard is rippled, you most likely should buy a humidifier. Hope this helps. Try and determine how straight the fretboard is by using a long ruler and seeing if it is flush with the body. Good luck! and you should probably get it checked out by a professional if its an expensive guitar. if its not, dont worry about it, keep on playing!

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