hi this another beginer

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  1. satisanty

    satisanty New Member

    hi this is santy
    please help me i dont know how to read tableture
    in some tab. ifound 4h5 6s10 .its ok 4, 5, 6, 10 for fret no but what are the meaning of "h" and "s".please help me
  2. jibon

    jibon New Member

    h is a hammer on...s is a slide

    hammer ons - you pluck the low fret (in this case 4) and then strike down hard with any of your other fretting fingers down to the higher fret (in this case 5) without plucking again.

    slide - you pluck the low fret (in this case 6) and then drag your finger without taking it off the fret board all the way to the higher fret (in this case 10).

    DRBILLA New Member

    H stands for hammer on, which means that when u pluck on as in ur case 4 fret while the string is ringing u will strike ur other finger on 5th fret.
    S stans for slide. means when u pluck a fret u will slide same finger with which hold the string, up or down accordingly e.g. 6s10 means u pluck 6th fret then slide ur finger down to 10th fret whilestring is ringing.
  4. jibon

    jibon New Member

    when you slide from 6 to 10...it's called sliding up...not down. cuz you're going from a low fret to a high fret (6 is lower than 10)

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