Hi its Faisy and need ur help

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  1. Faisy

    Faisy New Member

    Hi Guys

    Its Faisy frm Karachi Pakistan.
    I need ur help, i m new in learning of guitar, i m doing practice thru tabs of this website but i wanna develop sense of picking songs, so plz do reply and guide me wat shud i do to pick up song or to play song on guitar thru listening. I have played scales of major and minor. Do reply plz il b waiting,take care, Bye.
  2. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    hey there..welcome to the forum. best way my teacher says is to listen for the bass notes for the chords,
    once u' know which chord the song has started with..chances are (7/10) that the solo will be in that scale, BUT NOT ALWAYS!!!. for example rangoun mein starts off with Bm, the solo is in Bm . so if u know your scales u'll be able to figure the notes quicker which are being played. junoon dosti starts with Am chord. The solo is in Am pentatonic.

    and no there is no short cut.keep rewinding the song, keep listening ..u'll only get better trust me on this one ;) oh and RELAX :p
    Good luck
  3. Orange Guitar

    Orange Guitar IGT's ALLROUNDER

    Welcom 2 IGT....Check out Beginner's Forums....i hope u'll find the answer of ur question!
  4. adnanshakil

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    Totally agree with Quadrophenia.. No matter how many lessons you go for, you have to train your ear and mind for the music. You have to see where the song is going and keep an eye for the bass notes. Keep chord relations in mind as well. You may have to hear a song for 100 times to figure it out, but believe me its gonna get better and better. Good luck mate!

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