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    Hi all members, myself living in Bangalore, new to indianguitartabs and excited.

    Am have been playing acoustic (Yamaha F210) from past 2yrs. Planning to go for an Electric guitar. I am keen on buying Yamaha Pac112v ( about 22500/- Yamaha Music Square)( liked the HSS setup {H=alnicoV},Rosewood Fingerboard,Vintage Tremolo with Block Saddles, coil tap to split Humbucker to single coil, and Roland Cube 20X (9000/- Reynolds)

    And i have following queries :

    1. Any alternate guitars in this price range. Suggestions please…….
    2. Can I connect my acoustic guitar to Roland Cube 20X through soundhole pickup?
    3. Any other stores in Bangalore were i can get lower price?


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