hi i need your help guys good processor b/w (10k to 15k)

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by gillimama, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    Hi all i been playing the acoustic guitar for the past 1 year 17 days. Now i decided to make a transition form acoustic to electric so i bought YAMAHA ERG 121C guitar it came with a bundle 15W yamaha amp i got it for around 16k from a local music store in chennai.

    Now i need your help guys .... i connected my guitar to the AMP without any processor i got acoustic tone from my guitar got piss*D off :'(.

    Now im planning to get a processor for my electric guitar so that it will sound electric :(.

    Also me and my friends have started a BAND. we are planning to include nadan parindey song rock star.
    i am kinda intersted in playing LEAD not too much METTALIC but yes i do like it only some songs.
    The thing is i want my guitar to sound like the songs after i add the processor

    1.saregame from boys
    2.nadan parindey lead part from rockstar
    3.Joe satriani - cryin
    4.roy buchanan - sweet dreams

    wht all are the things i need more
    plz dont say i have to change my guitar
    i can spend 15k max more to get a processor :(

    suggest me gud processor b/t(10k to 15k) also plz tell about the YAMAHA ERG 122C

    i can practice with my 15k AMP but in the stage i have to use the speakers they are gonna provide so i dont wanna get AMP. i really dont have any clue about PEDALS why they are used also. :(. i just know to play the guitar
  2. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Pedals are analog in nature. Means u can tweak the sound as per ur needs on the pedals.
    Processors are digital in nature. It has stored patches(tones/sounds) which cannot be tweaked. There is certain degree of variation that u can achieve using different effects together.

    Processors definitely give you lot of tones. But a lot in my opinion is useless. Its just fun to tweak and play when its new. later on you will end up using the best tone out of the ones present in the proc and the rest goes waste

    In 15K if you decide to buy pedals u can get the following
    Overdrive + Distortion + Delay pedals. These are the 3 basic ones which can give u a lot of variations in the distortion

    For Overdrive - Digitech Bad Monkey is the best budget buy.
    For Distortion -
    One of the best - Electro harmonix Metal Muff.
    Subtle distortion - Boss DS1/DS2. Sansamp Distortion pedals.
    More towards Metal - Boss MT2, Digitech Distortion Factory

    For Delay - I have not used anything other than my Rocktron Short Timer delay which i love. So cant advice anything other than this.

    As far as processor is concerned check out the Vox Tonelab ST. Not sure about the price. last time i had checked it was for around 15 - 17k range.

    I am not sure how much justice will the 15W yamaha amp will do to ur pedals. I hope the Amp doesnt have anything else other than Clean OR Distortion channel on it.
  3. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    if u want a rocknroll dist then go for ds2
    its 1st setting is for rhythm and 2nd setting for lead
    buying delay pedals will be vacuum on ur pocket but i guess u have the money
    if not then behringer dd400 which is as good as the boss dd3 but has a plastic body
    for overdrive the badmonkey is the best
    u should check out chorus pedals too
    u may like its effect in ur songs
  4. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    @mymusicmyguitar : thanks for your suggestion.

    so if i buy Boss DS-1(distortion) and DigiTech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive with that can i get the tube tone guess i can use that tone for nadan parindey lead for the show coming on march :).

    One important doubt : i connected my gutiar directly to my AMP the sustain is not working is it the problem with the guitar or i need to put the pedals or processor then only sustain thing will work. coz currently my guitar works like imagine an acoustic guitar of 15k connected to a speaker via a pickup where there is not sustain.

    currently i dunno i am confused whether generally electric guitars when connected directly to an AMP they wont provide sustain sound??

    wht is the difference b/w distortion and sublte distortion??

    also they mentioned single coil and humbuker coil wht really they mean?
  5. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    @mymusicmyguitar ; yup u r rite it has clean and distortion channel only. wht does it mean?

    pheeew : playing acoustic was so simple now electric requires lots of stuff. its like holding a lions tail :(
  6. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Achieving a tube tone on a solid state amplifier is not easy at all. And on ur 15W yamaha dont expect a tube sound.

    Bad monkey is used to get that overdriven sound on a tube amplifier. So at low volumes u get that overdriven distortion sound.
    It wont be of much use on the amp that u have. But somehow i like the way it sounds on a solid state amp as well. kind of Subtle/Clean distortion to some extent.
    Once u get the pedals. It will be time for you to upgrade ur amp just incase if the pedals dont sound good on the amp that you have. But there is a possibility that u should be good since ur amplifier doesnt have inbuilt effects coz pedals/processors sound shit on amplifiers who already have lot of effects in it.

    As far as sustain is considered dont expect all those on low end guitar and amp that you have. It requires really good pickups and a very good amp. U can try getting a Compression Sustainer pedal for playing clean leads. It helps a lot when u strum but takes the soul out of your playing..But a good to have pedal in the setup.

    When i said subtle i meant not too harsh. Distortion which can be cleaned to a certain extent.

    Single Coil/Humbuckers are nothing but pickups on ur electric guitar. Single coils are pickups that u find on most of the strats. They are more noisy in comparision to Humbuckers(double the size of a single coil) when played with Distortion ON. Most of the guitars have SSS, SSH, HSH, SS, HH, SH etc kinds of pickup configuration.

    Get a ROLAND MICROCUBE amplifier. You will love it. The advantage is u can use this amp on stage as well by givin the Line Out to other speakers. I suppose u r still learning guitar and still have a long way to go. Dont invest in anything right now. Wait untill u understand what sound u want. Else u can opt for other amplifier such as Peavey Vyper(most of the guys over here have experience using this). DONT get into pedals/Processors right now.
  7. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    thanks bro it really helped me a lot. But i dont wanna be a set back for my band, i am the lead guitarist for my band :S .. i have seen the reviews for roland microcube,digitech bad monkey and Boss DS1 so m planning to buy the above three items as of now. coz in future also i will need the same hardware so that i will get used to play with the effects.. is it ok??
  8. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Dude what you doing WAIT...

    I meant u either buy an amplifier with inbuilt effects such as Roland Microcube or Peavey Vyper series OR ELSE go with the Pedals. DONT BUY AMPLIFIER AND PEDALS TOGETHER..Your pedals will be useless on an amplifier who has inbuilt effects..
  9. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Simplifying it further

    You have 3 choices:-
    1) Buy only Pedals
    2) Buy an Amplifier who wud have inbuilt effects with Line Out option (My personal suggestion)
    3) Buy Pedals and Amplifier(with ONLY clean and distortion channels) just incase if the pedals dont sound good on your Yamaha 15W.

    I hope its not too confusing!!!
  10. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    he should buy a ds1 1st and test it with his yamaha amp and if it sounds good and then he should buy more pedals
    if it doesnt he should buy a good amp(clean and dist only) and more pedals
    i didnt like the variation and quality of the dist on a roland cube(think it was 20xl)
  11. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    I am talking about the Roland Microcube..The Classic distortion mode is kickass. And even the cleans are good. Dont know about the 20xl and others.
  12. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    ^ i think the pedals wud sound good with his amp
    bcoz i ve seen very gud reviews about those(about compatibility wid pedals)
    he shouldnt spend too much money if he doesnt know about different effects
  13. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    If that is the case then i wud certainly vote for the pedals.
    He may carry his amp to the shop and test it with the pedals to get an idea...
  14. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    thanks guys. gonna take my yamaha GA 15 Amp to the music store and test the sound with the pedals. lol if it give more gain i cant even differentiate between the chords. The speaker is crying . since it came with the pack the shopkeeper told he cannot exchange the AMP for ROLAND Microcube :(.
  15. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    But if u exchange that amp with Roland Microcube and then buy pedals ur pedals will be useless. Are you planning to connect pedals connect to Roland Microcube....DONT EVER DO THAT...

    Dude if possible could you plz summarize what u have understood from soo much discussion over here. Please dont mind. Coz i think u r planning to buy Pedals as well as Roland microcube and sell ur Yamaha 15. Is that what u r planning?
  16. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    do laney cub and peavey vypyr have line out?
  17. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    laney Cub has. Dont know about Vypyr. But most of the amps these days have Line Out!!!
  18. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    check out their site
  19. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    yeah i planned to buy roland mc and sell this YAM GA 15 amp but its not possible coz the shopkeeper is so stirct. so m planning to buy some good pedals only ..
  20. gillimama

    gillimama New Member

    Now i got good knowledge about pedals and amps with inbuilt effect :).

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