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    Hello folks. One of the youtube member refered me here (thanks to him) when he posted the comments after listening to my music composition. I play keyboard, and have composed many tunes using guitars(keyboard).

    Pls feel free to check my music composition at


    Pls bear with me if the audio quality is not good. I have to invest 1000s of dollars to get hi-fi recording. I may do that in future (i have financial constraints now)

    Leave me your comments, or suggestions. I have an ambition to score a music in hollywood movie (Its long way to go). I have taken baby steps now and trying to gather more attention using internet as a media. I live in WA state, USA.


  2. Keoraf

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    You are doing a good job man, the tunes are sounding pretty well!
    A few points to be noted:
    Try to finish the songs you made, i didn't heard them all but the few i've listened aren't finished at all, at least not in my opinion, so try to add some more, like the basses, the drums, maybe some percussions!
    Also the sounds used are sounding very crappy, so i just hope to hear the tunes when you have a better quality keyboard. But if you own a keyboard with MIDI support, i then suggest you to make your songs using you PC. Try to get some professional software like Cubase SX 3 and some good VST-plugins and you'll be surpised about the sound you will produce!

    Just listen to my songs, almost all the sounds are created using many VST-plugins and all the songs are made in Cubase SX 3!

    Overall you are on the good way man as i wish you all the best with your ambition to score a music in Hollywood!
    Take care man

    BTW, in future just post your songs in this section:

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