Hi Frendz, I am Abhishek and i am new to Indian Guitar Tabs. Need your support. :-)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by abhimishra, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. abhimishra

    abhimishra New Member

    Dear Frendz,

    I would request your help and support to learn playing Guitar.

    Please suggest me the best possible method to start the new journey.

    Together we can and we will make the difference.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.
  2. Grandad

    Grandad New Member

    Im a begginer too.cheers :D
    First add me as friend :p
    Then learn single notes picking,how to read tabs and learn 1 or2 simple lead melodies.(find on youtube)
    Then checkout begginer course at justinguitar.com(this is the atom bomb and is completely free ;) )
  3. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    Start by learning chords and strumming. Come to lead playin later iii];)
  4. Grandad

    Grandad New Member

    Hmmmm, shouldnt one know the basics (notes names and string names and how notes repeat themselves etc) before getting to playing an instrument!!!
    I find chord changing and strumming very difficult :-(

    Anyway you have to learn both things either way ;)
    Just remember to enjoy as you go dont get frustrated.. GOOD LUCK

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