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    I am a guitar teacher in San Diego, California. I ran across Indian Guitar Tabs by accident while looking for sites that might interest my students, and I'm looking forward to exploring in further depth.

    I am a former editor for Guitar Player Magazine and the author of two instruction books. The first is out of print, but the second was published in January of this year. Just search Amazon.com on the title "Compose Yourself!", author David Alzofon (a link was included below). It is the result of a thirty-year quest for a better way to teach musical composition, and the unique solution I found through my lessons with the creator of the Macintosh, Jef Raskin, who was also a UC San Diego music professor. The course stresses songwriting, with hundreds of examples from classical music and contemporary pop tunes. All examples are tabbed for guitar.

    I'm happy to tell you more about the music scene here and in L.A., some of the great guitar players I've seen or known, or some of the instructional resources I've found.

    Thanks, everybody.
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    @LostChord - Welcome on board. I guess you had mailed regarding some issues you were facing with 'Password reset'. Looks like it is solved now.

    It's great to know you are an author of instruction books. I'm sure our members will learn a lot from your stay here. I hope you too will contribute without holding back anything :). We are soon coming up with a blog. Let me know if you would be interested in being on the editorial team.


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