Hi Everyone! Anyone else from Mumbai/Navi Mumbai

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Vader, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Vader

    Vader New Member

    You can call me Vader
    thats my gaming name actually
    I'm into guitars, sports and English flicks
    I enjoy all kinds of music but i'm more into hard rock and heavy metal
    what about you?
  2. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    Hello Vader ...

    Myself Rahul ... from nagpur ...

    Hope you enjoy the forums ... and welcome to IGT :D:
  3. Vader

    Vader New Member

    Hello Rahul nice to meet you
    how long have you been playing for?
    any favourites?

    Also could anyone explain the basics IGT to me
    like the colour of the envelope beside a post... and the Newbie thing written under my name
    etc etc
  4. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    hello vader i am too into heavy metal
    but i also like thrash and speed metal
    am from jammu
    and the newbie thing is to describe what is your reputation at igt
    u earn points by making good threads(well it is up to the mods to award u i guess)
    then ur rank increases
    like me newbie->beginner->guitarist->i dont know
  5. Vader

    Vader New Member

    Hi guitarplayer729
    Thanks for the information
    and can you tell me anything else that i should know about IGT
    any specific rules as such?
    and where can i find ssuch information?

    which are your favourite bands mine is maiden atm
  6. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    well as they say experience is the best teacher
    so u might learn these things urselves
    if u want to know more talk with super admin(in my frnd list)
    my favorite band is bullet for my valentine
  7. Vader

    Vader New Member

    thats very wise dude :p
    but i would still appreciate the help
    BFMV are good
    how long have you guys been playing for?

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