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    She lived in heaven, And I in Hell,
    She was an angel and I a Rebel,
    So Gorgeous, So pretty, So Stunning was she,
    Those locks, That Smile, Those eyes and lips,
    Would all but make me fall to my knees,
    Only but one smile would make my day,
    Just 3 words could carry me away,
    Carry me higher, Higher than anyone could ever be,
    Higher than the Heavens, Deeper than the seas,
    Words flowed out of her mouth, like the Song of a Seraph,
    They caressed the ears and made your heart skip its beats,
    Her skin was beautiful, it glowed like a pearl,
    I TELL you she was an Angel, Not Just a girl,

    How could I forget? the day we met,
    The grass was green, The sun was red,
    We sat on rocks, All dressed in white,
    And watched the sun set into the night,
    The silence was unbearable, We had to talk,
    So I caught her Delicate hand and Plucked her for a walk,
    We strolled for hours, Just me and Her.
    Her eyes were deep, I was lost in them,
    OHH ! How I Cherish that day, What a day it was,
    I Wished that time would just take a pause,
    Now its all gone, I have nothing to say,
    I wish that I could remain There and stay,
    I sit here with empty hands, and Glance into the empty world,
    Cant you see without you Im empty,
    Now all I do is Sit, Wait and Wish,
    That you would come Crash into Me.
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    Anyone unwilling to settle for ready-made philosophy
    must learn to stitch together something suitable
    from the scraps life hands us--
    and so:
    if the bolts aren't rusty
    and the wood doesn't split
    and the plastic bags provided contain all the right parts,
    then I
    must balance
    that with the times when
    I go to the hardware store twice
    and return twice
    with the wrong bracket, the too-long bolt.

    When I hit the nail on the head,
    I recall the day it was my thumb
    and account the sweet thunk of steel biting wood
    to comfort my old injury
    and do this without dimming the pleasure of today,
    a day when things go unaccountably right
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    that was kinda refreshing! especially the second one.. ur good, kid! and welcome to IGT :)

    u might wanna change that signature of yours.. why not make a cpl of ur own lines ur siggy?
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    Nice work kiddo. Welcome aboard, and yes, your signature is narcissistic and we dont take narcissism too well here, well i gotta go, time for my photo-op with myself.
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    Hmm Thanks Alot ! And ive changed my signature ..!
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    Life is your own little cobblestone path
    Sometimes its smooth sometimes its not
    But what Happens when you arrive at that Fork in the road
    Is it right or is it left ?
    You scratch your head and wonder.

    Why dont you turn around to percieve from those PPL
    Who helped you get here
    But there are no replies , They just smile and watch ,
    So you think to yourself, Okay now this is up to me ...
    U take ur first step , ur right foot goes right ,
    But suddenly you pull it back ,
    You think .. What If ??
    Then ur left foot goes left ...
    Again you think ... Will i regret it ?

    Now ur stuck here , At the fork of this road,
    Which side to go ...
    Just look inside yourself ..
    Your heart says right ... But your mind says left ...
    you do wat you think is right ...
    "Wat i think is RIGHT ?"...
    YES ! Right ....
    And so you take your first steps into the world
    A world so beautiful ... So perfect for you...
    Can there be any better ?
    But still ... At the back of ur Head you wonder ...
    "What if it was Left ? "
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    wow dude... u r GOOD! seriously... loved reading it *speechless*
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    WOW MAN ! Thanks ... My friends really dont apreciate poetry .. HAHA ...
    They think its like gay or summin ... HAHA ...But i still writing poetry ...
    Anyways thanks alot ....
    Ohh and WADAYA THINK BOUT My signature ? Its about these 2 kittens I had adopted frm a pound ... a few years ago ... A few months ago they died ....
    Man were they cute ...
    Ohh ! And a small update on the first one ... Its about this girl i had a crush on a year ago ... :)
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    Read the first two..well written indeed

    how about giving them a title?
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    Good one Loco !!!!, i liked the first one.
    reps !!
    keep them rolling !!!!!!!!
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    We live in a world so undecided,
    So undivided,
    Their like two entirely diverse things collided.
    Blue are the oceans, Green is the land,
    White are the mountains, Golden is the sand,
    We live in a world,
    A world so Grand.

    Of all these beautiful things we see,
    Theres nothing so stunning so beautiful as thee.

    Iv had my chance but now its gone,
    Now lifes turned into a bitter song.
    You always waited and lingered for me,
    To come and confess my love,
    And make the two of us into a We.

    But its all long gone now,
    And the price I must pay,
    Without you, I have a heart frayed,
    And this is how I shall remain.

    HAHA !

    Ohh ! one more thing ... I maybe only 15 and much younger compared 2 ul but i would apreciate it if u didnt call me Kiddo again .. THANK! Peace!

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