hey there peeds here !! Help me pretty plz!

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    hola ..fellow igtians ...well my name is peeds and i am new here and well i really wanna learn to play guitar...i guess i have to start with accoustic rite ..atleast i knw that much ..stayin in mahim wanna knw who r the best guitar tutors between andheri and worli ... and how much they charge ... and i need help in buyin a guitar as well ..so ..i checked out one of the forums where tht person had posted a list of all the guitars available at futardos ...can u tell me which ones r good ...did some research on this and think that epiphone accoustic PR100 is around 10 Gs ... is it worth it ..how good is it or are there any other guitars better and cheaper ..any other places where i cud get them ... gosh i am a guitar virgin ...i really need ur help guys n gals .
    p.s. have u heard of the guitar society in andheri ..they r chargin for a beginner course for 1000 per month 3 hrs every sunday ..how is that ?? is it good??
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    try bismarck in santacruz
    guitar i wud suggest yamaha

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