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    Hey guys, Fardeen here. I'm a 16 year old music enthusiast from Chittagong, Bangladesh and I hope to become a regular member of this wonderful forum and interact with u fine people. :)

    Some of my favourite artists are Dave Mustaine (God (I said God, not good) at writing lyrics, solos are also very good, and just love the grunt-style singing), James Hetfield (Probably the best singer of the lot, and some good solos in some songs too, especially Master Of Puppets), Alexi Laiho (Superb composer and one of the fastest and most stylish guitarists on Planet Earth) and Matthew Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine (like him more for his appearance and style than anything - the Jackson Randy Rhoads rocks! ;) Vocal style is kinda catchy too ).

    Notice a trend? All these guys are great guitarists as well as their respective band's lead vocalist. And that's exactly what I wanna be like. I'm the lead vocalist of my band and do a just about decent job at it, but my guitar skills really need brushing up. I've started only six months ago and I'm nowhere near on-stage material yet.

    But I hope that with some help and guidance from you guys, I'll be able to improve my guitar-playing a lot and hopefully by the next 1 or 2 years, be good enough to do a decent job at playing the guitar while singing.

    I hope to enjoy my stay on the forums and make plenty of friends along the way! :)

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