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    hey guys..........hw r u???......I'm a novice in guitar strumming....but i like to learn a song "carl douglas-kunfu fighting"...Can u guys pls kindly inform or teach me about the chords and what is exactly being played by summing lee in the video : "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9mkfan-DR8"....pls i need a rply...(I may be novice but i hope that ur kind rplies may be enough for me to practice this song for my school competition)...I'm having trouble with this song...pls help..."http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9mkfan-DR8"
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    Shame...so many views and 2 weeks...still no replies.....
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    Song- Kung fu Fighting(1974)
    Singer- Carl Douglas
    this song is in the key of Dmaj.
    Oo ho ho (D)hoo......
    Oo ho ho (Em)hoo......
    Oo ho ho (D)hoo.....
    Oo ho ho(Em)hoo...
    Everybody was (D)Kung fu fighting those kicks were (Em)fast as
    In fact it was a (D) little bit frightening but they fought
    (Em)with expert (Em7)ti(Em)ming
    they were (D) funky China Men
    from (A) funky China town
    they were (D)chopping men Up,they were (A) chopping men down
    It's an (D) ancient chinese art
    and (A)every body knew their part
    from a (D) fainting to a slip
    and a (G) kicking from the (A)hip
    Everybody was (D) Kung fu Fighting....(Bm)
    those kicks were (Em) fast as lightning...(A)
    In fact it was a (D)little bit frightening, Huh!...(Bm)
    but they fought with (Em) expert timing Hah!....(A)
    rest of the song is same.
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