Here! Wonderful Chords of "Rozaana Jiye" from Nishabd

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    Song: Rozaana Jiye....
    Film: Nishabd
    Singer: Amithab Bachchan

    For Newbiez....Timing and pitch of ur voice while singing-along is key to ur ultimate output of these chords....mind u :) ....and i hav also given exactly where to change chords with lyrics (That is variable anyway)

    Rozana Jiye, Rozana Mare, Teri Yaadon mein hum, teri Yaadon mein hum

    Rozana, Rozana

    Rozana Jiye, Rozana Mare, Teri Yaadon mein hum, teri Yaadon mein hum

    Ungli teri thame hue, har lamha chalta hoon mein

    G /A-------------------------F
    Tujhko liye ghar lautu aur, ghar se nikalta hoon mein

    Ek pal ko bhi jata nahi, tere bin kahin

    yun raat din, bas tujhmein hi, bas tujhmein hi, Libta rehta hoon mein

    Rozaana Rozaana Rozaana mm..Rozaana

    Rozana Jiye Rozana Mareā€¦.

    Same chords repeat for 2nd verse too....

    Har din teri ankhon se is Duniya ko takta hoon mein
    Tu jis tarah rakhti thi ghar vaise hi rakhta hoon mein
    Teri tarah sang sang chale yaadein teri
    Yun har ghadi baaaton mein bas
    Baaton mein teri
    gumghzaa Rehta hoon mein

    And IGT friends, plz find some time to reply me what u felt bout these chords and lemme know whether i'm doing a decent job recompsing these on my guitar....

    ....And guys from Hyderabad, as i always say, u may anytime mail me at , so that we can make a sweet group of ourselves here :)

    Rock on,
  2. vini

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    im afraid..these are incorrect according to my ears.

    why dont u play these very chords along with the original'll get to know on ur own...thanks for sharing anyway!
  3. dr_y_ravi

    dr_y_ravi New Member

    Ya.... i actually played it with song buddie....But to adjust those chords in other way (so called correct chords) made the output of the song more unappealing....Did u check the pitch of ur voice while singing along??....Anyway i would appreciate if u may find some corrections and post it to me what u felt right!!....
    Thanx for ur openion

    Rock on,
  4. vini

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    refer to a thread in this forum for same song

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