here comes some MIZMAAR chords

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    Chords: D(xxx232) , A#(113331), C(335553), D2(557775), G(355433), A(577655)

    (D)Tu hai kaha
    (D)mein hoon kaha
    (D)Bhikra hua hai apna jahan

    (D)yeh doorian
    (D)ho gayi kaise hai darmiyan

    (A#)Din yeh kaisay guzarei(C)n yaadon k sang tumhar(D2)e
    Oo o (A#)dil ki awaaz pukare(C)e jeena hai tere sahare(A)eeeeeee

    (C)Aa ub (G)loat k (D2)aa
    (C)man ki (G)pyaas bhujh(D2)aa

    (C)Aa ub (G)loat k (D2)aa
    (C)man ki (G)pyaas bhujh(C)aa oooo

    Repeat Chords in same Sequence

    if some one have some problem with this then you can mail me on this add

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