Help with getting a new Guitar

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    RESOLVED TYVM: Help with getting a new Guitar

    I have no experience with musical instruments. Heck I can't even read musical notes. But I want to learn to play the Guitar. So I'm planning on getting an acoustic guitar to learn to play and then graduate to an electric guitar. I live in Chennai, so I'm looking for shops in my city.Do you know any good shops I can buy an acoustic guitar from? Also since this is a hobby, I want to spend not more than Rs 3000.

    Currently I'm looking at buying a PLUTO JUMBO BLACK or a Gba Thin Body Cut Way or a Pluto Medium from Shruthi Musicals. I'm considering one of these because I read this thread on this same forum. Please recommend a good guitar for me, a complete noob?
    Thank You Very Much!!! ^_^
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    Hey guys, I'm sorry, if my question is a repeated question, but do give me some advice. Thanks
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    Chk various other threads, u'll get to know wt all ppl hv suggested fr getting a gud guitar... Typing evrything again is a pain... Newys i'll tell u the shops i kno in chnai whr u can try fr guitars...
    N the most important thing play the guitar b4 u pik it up rather den going by just the brand names.
    Pro musicals,near don bosco school, casa major road, egmore.
    Musee Musical Pvt. Ltd,near Devi Theatre,73, Mount Road,Chennai-2 Phone: 2852 2780
    saptaswara musicals,opp to sanskrit college,mylapore.
    Aruna Musicals near Luz Corner
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    Thank you very much really ^_^

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