help wid bar chords

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  1. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    hi frens
    i hav benn trying to play bar chords for abt 2-3 m0onths but still cant play them

    plz give me sum advice how to get them.
  2. khushreaction

    khushreaction New Member

    u dont know the chords or your index finger is not strong enough??
  3. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Try not barring for the first few tries. Try playing an F like [x33211]
  4. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    i kno d chords but i find it difficult to play.

    making a bar wid d index finger is such a big problem 4 me.if dat goes right , then d other notes go wrong.
  5. rockbuster

    rockbuster New Member

    Well .... when i started i had da same problem ....... keep trying ..... one u ll
  6. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening


    Play A with your ring finger
    Play D with your pinky
    Play G with your "F U" finger
    Barre your first finger on just B and e and not all the way. Maybe that should help.
  7. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member


    thnkin f d barz.... it nt hw powerful ur fingers are but how u place ur finger...
    check for the corretct placements, thn for d first few times place d forefingr only 'n look if all d strings sound well.. thn try placing others...

    also to d tym wen u play right u can play bar chords on d normal mode... those special chords are available in net...
    like for Bm - xx4432 & B- xx4442

    like that.........
    try 'n post a reply...
  8. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    thanx a lott people
    i vil definitely try nd let u kno abt d progress

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