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    We are with the grate gboxpp toolbar just for go on few months, still at this time I want to make sure uninstall for three min's, still while i put on all the company, our home pc express others a fabulous mistake principles. I'm able to basically no find out what what is perform nonetheless exactly what Now i'm going through. I want to tell you will which found it's information and facts right Do you delight that will others?
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    In life, simple and practical gadgets like the pocket knife, give us the convenience and efficiency of having a variety of tools from one gadget. From the simple pocket knife, other tools like a knife, scissor, can or wine opener, etc. come in handy to serve its purpose in our day-to-day lives. Just the same, we also need an application that would hold a variety of virtual applications that we need to experience the virtual world in a convenient and efficient way.
    We all know that the Internet hosts a lot of free applications, or tools that were developed to assist users to accomplish a task easily. However, most of these tools are quite tricky to find. You would have to search them in the Internet, and probably, would need to individually install these applications.
    The GadgetBox (GBox) is an application designed to contain different developed tools from the internet into a single location. This application applies the concept of having web–based tools concentrated in an accessible and easy–to–use box or location. Plus, all the applications and tools included in the GBoxApp were all selected to fit your most practical daily needs.
    Simplicity. Convenience. Ease. These must have been clearly what the developers had in mind when they developed the GBoxApp.

    The GBoxApp has the following advantages:
    • Free download - The application is totally free. Just download it from http://www/ and you’re ready to use this application.
    • Easy-to-use - Using the GBoxApp is completely hassle-free. You can just click and select any tool you want to access, and it instantly launches the tool.
    • Easy-to-remove - GBoxApp comes with a toolbar that the user can disable or uninstall easily anytime he wants.
    • Convenient - Since the GBoxApp is basically a box-full of tools and applications, you would not have the need to search your way through the Internet, just to access your favorite tool. All you have to do is just to launch your preferred tool from the GBoxApp.
    • Time saver - Accessing the tools you need from a single “box” definitely saves you a lot of time.

    You can use all these tools in the GBoxApp:
    • Tetrix - experience a modern version of your favorite classic Tetris game
    • Pacman - experience a modern version of your favorite classic Pacman game
    • Chess - strategize and win your way in your favorite chess game
    • Sudoku - sharpen your mind in your favorite number game
    • Calculator - does basic math and calculation for you
    • Delayed Cost - calculates the cost for a delayed project
    • Currency Converter - converts various currencies in an instant
    • World Clock - displays the time in different time zones
    • World Calendar - displays holidays and special events around the world
    • Thermometer - displays the current temperature in Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Calorie Calculator - calculates the amount of calorie you spend in a day corresponding to your activities
    • Funny Quotes - displays, in random, funny and witty quotes from famous people around the globe
    • Count down - tracks the time left for anything you’re expecting
    • Magic 8 ball - answers all your questions, and works just like magic
    • Age calculator - displays your age in different years or eras, and even, your age on other planets
    • World market watch - displays a live feed of the World market that enables you to monitor and compare how the world market fairs

    For more information on installing the GBoxApp, watch the following video: gboxapp - how to install - YouTube
    For more information on uninstalling the GBoxApp, watch the following video: gboxapp- how to uninstall - YouTube

    Go ahead and experience the GBoxApp now and enjoy all your favorite tools from one box!
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    The GadgetBox (GBox) application is easy to uninstall. It does not involve complexity when uninstalling, such as additional configurations.
    To uninstall the GBox application, follow these steps:
    1. From the Windows taskbar, select StartControl PanelProgramsPrograms and Features. The list of locally installed programs is displayed on the screen.
    2. Scroll through the list and search for the GadgetBox application.
    3. Double-click GadgetBox. The following screen displays:

    4. Select Uninstall. The program proceeds to uninstall. When it finishes uninstalling, the following screen displays, with the status Uninstallation Complete:

    5. Select Close to exit the screen. The GadgetBox application is now uninstalled.
    NOTE: To complete the uninstallation, you may need to restart your computer.

    And that’s it. That’s how easy you uninstall the GBox app. For further notes, see the following video: HowToUninstall_gboxapp .mp4 - YouTube.
  4. motihar

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    I am using this toolbar for many days. I think there is no problem in the uninstall features. I think your computer may miss some important files of this toolbar. I knew about the toolbar from: GBoxApp: gboxapp for more information, Just search. gboxapp in the google.
  5. atana

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    I know the install , use & uninstall of the gboxapp are really same as other software (easy), if you do not know how to uninstall any software, you can follow the following instruction. just go to control panel then click on the programs. all programs will be shown to you. then double click on the gadgetbox & select uninstall button. that's all. otherwise, you can see the youtube video , just go to youtube site & search " how to uninstall the gboxapp"
  6. ayshas

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    gboxapp uninstall

    Easy job man! Please go to the site of and see this top of this site corner. You can see a button like uninstall. So click here for enjoy your job. Also you can use the search engine: search.gboxapp for see more info about this. Thanks.
  7. jowadin

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    It is easy to uninstall, like other gadget you can uninstall the gboxapp from your PC. if you are unable to uninstall the application, you can find the VIDEO from by typing " how to uninstall gboxapp", by this video you can see everything to uninstall.

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