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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by CockBlocker, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. CockBlocker

    CockBlocker New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post here on IGT. I've been a silent reader for a while. Its great to be able to be with you guys here, the real rocksters..

    My Intro:
    Recording my own tracks has been my dream & I am close to it.. Though I am
    no pro of any sort.. not even close.. I can say an advanced learner..
    For the past 1 year, I've learned scales and song writing (instrumental rock).
    On a crappy GB&A Strat clone & Digitech RP200A..

    Now, Im comfortable to spend some bucks & buy proper stuff.. for an Entry level recording Rig..

    Thanks a lot for all the guidance posts here on IGT from which i learned & chose stuff I need to buy.. to be able to produce Professional quality songs..
    My style of music would be similar to that of Satch & Vai (I mean style.. not level :D )

    I would list that stuff here.. If you guys have any suggestions on what i can
    grab instead of these, I will be of great help to me.. :)

    Mostly I've used head phones (Multi-Fx -> PC Sound Card mixer -> HeadPhones ) for practice as well as recording. So, I dropped Amps
    to save money. Instead I've chosen 7.1 Speakers as I can use them for
    games/DVD entertainment also..

    Guitars / Fx
    Electric Guitar : Ibanez RG-350 DX ( Rs. 24,500 )
    Bass : Java EB2 ( Rs. 6,800 )
    Acoustic : Pluto Jumbo Steel string w/ pickup ( Rs. 4500 )
    Multi-Fx : Digitech GNX3 ( Rs. 24,000 )

    Spectral Cables with Neutrik connectors.

    Recording: Purely Desktop based recording / editing. Relevant Specs..

    CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual CPU,
    Memory : 2 GB System memory, 250 GB Hard-Disk
    Sound card : Creative X-Fi Music ( Rs. 8,500 )
    Speakers : Creative Inspire 7.1 speakers ( Rs.8,500 )
    Headphones: Phillips SHP 805 ( Rs. 1,200 )

    My questions

    Q-1 Which Guitar
    Is the RG-1570 worth the extra 15K ?
    Is it worth putting in 40K for the Low-end Satch Signature piece JS-100 ?
    (JS-1200 specs look great, but its priced at 70K which is out of my reach..)
    My opinion is Ibanez beats Fender-Strats in terms of value / money unless one is into Clean / Jazzy sound. Am I wrong on this ?

    Q-2 Which Multi-Fx
    Which of the following Multi-Fx processors is the best ?
    - Digitech GNX-3000 ( Rs. 25,600 )
    - Boss GT8 ( Rs.22,900 )
    - Line 6 PODXT Live ( Rs, 27,000 )

    Q-3 Software Fx
    Has anyone tried the Desktop Software-based amp modellers ?

    Q-4 Bass Guitar / Emulation
    I planned an entry level Bass guitar.. GNX-3000 Specs say it can do some Bass Amp modelling..

    - Can I connect the bass guitar to the GNX-3000 ? or is it a must to buy
    a seperate Bass Processor/Amp modeller box ?

    - Is it possible to tweak the GuitarFx processor to get a decent bass guitar sound from the electric guitar itself ? This will save some money.. If its good enuf.. I used the RP200A (Lower Octave Whammy effect) this way for the
    bass tracks in my earlier songs, it was Ok.. but was obvious.

    Q-5 Monitoring
    - Is it recommended to go for proper Monitors (albeit no surround for other purposes) speakers ? and/or headphones ?

    - Is it a good idea to drop the Creative X-Fi sound card for a EMU-040 ?

    Thanks for bearing with me till the end of this post.. :)

    ( Sources for pricing.. / )
  2. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    yeh toh banda kafi aage ki soch raha hai????nahin????
  3. CockBlocker

    CockBlocker New Member

    Actually dude.. I had the same feeling..

    But, what the hell.. I thought.. Let it be a one time hassle.. and get done
    with that.. Is it really a bad idea ?

    I told you.. I started with low-fundaa stuff.. and been using for a year..
    Recorded a couple of songs, which got very good response.. and encouragement..

    Anyways.. Nice meeting you bro..
  4. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    POD iz the best :grin:
  5. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Here iz another option for ya.....Go for PRS SE CUSTOM series...It rockz!!! costs around 41-45K depending on the shop......It doesn't hav Floyd Rose (It haz Tremolo bar)...Pick up's just awesome!!! Gr8 for professional quality muzik....
  6. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    VEry tricky one...May b Ronnieanand cud say sumthing..But I hav heard dat bass can b played with electric guitar by detuning it to lower octaves (Source: Satch tapes)
  7. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    Hi man. Thats a nice rig you got going there. I have an IbanezRG350DX to...but then it died and im in the process of getting a replacement.

    ok so heres what i think.
    Ibanez guitars are nice but for 40k i think if u waiting 3 weeks you could go for an ESP 400 series, which kick ass!! they come with the works and imo they are a lifetimes investment.

    As for recording. Its better not to use computer based effects cus they pretty much suck. And since ur going to be buying a really good processor its not worth it. (Check out the Zoom G7.1ut on bajaao) .

    And what amp do you have? i suggest you buy a good amp and mic the amp like professionals to.

    you could buy a MIXER + MIC + some good studio monitors and i already see that you have an excellent sound card so latency will not be an issue over here.

    I think MIXER + MICing is the better option for you

  8. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    @Cockblocker What does your username mean?Just curious.
  9. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    ^look it up :p:

    @CockBlocker: The POD is supposed to have very good amp modelling, and the software can be updated, and patches can be downloaded as well (albeit for a price).
    In your budget there is also the Zoom g9.2tt for about $400.

    And don't bother with FX software. It's better to have a chip dedicated to digital fx processing than have your computer do it.
  10. Chi

    Chi B.D. Fisher

    buy an amp first.
  11. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    ^ +1 to dat! Cus recording a good amp with a make pays in the long run!
  12. axeman1986

    axeman1986 New Member


    I use a macintosh. I don't know how AMDs work and how good your computer is. Ask someone else about that.

    I suggest you drop the idea of buying a bass guitar. Spend a little more and buy a MIDI-Keyboard/Controller so programming any software instrument will become a piece of cake.

    Not buying an amp is the stupidest idea ever. 7.1 speakers won't work well as an amp or as studio monitors. Buy a pair of real studio monitors. The M-Audio Studio Pro 4 are pretty decent and cheap. If you have a little more money to spare, I'd suggest buying the KRK Rokit RP5 monitors.

    As for an Amp. Do buy one so you can take the line out from there into your recording console. It's probably the most important tool you'd need as a recording guitarist.

    As for a soundcard, Creative soundcards are full of shit. You'd need a decent 24/96 soundcard. Check m-audio's website. They have some audio interfaces (usb/firewire) and 2496 souncards with input and output.

    Buy a GOOD pair of headphones with single side monitoring. Technics has some decent cheap ones available. Audio-technica albeit a little more expensive are amazing quality.

    If you're planning to connect more than just a guitar. Say you want to mic drums and a bass and vocals, I'd suggest buying a mixer. Though I'm gonna assume you're a one-man army and you don't need one.

    I'd suggest not buying a multi-fx unit. All of them are purely digital. An amp sim for Marshall/Fender/Mesa/VOX in a POD Xt will never never never ever ever replicate the real amp's sound. Considering you have 27 grand to spare for a piece of crap multi-fx unit, I'd suggest you buy a bunch of good pedals instead off (and I don't mean Digitech Bad monkey and all that). Drive these through your amp and and take your line out/miked speaker whatever you prefer and you will get some decent tone.

    Buy two microphones. One instrument mic and one vocal mic. Basic ones available are Shure SM-57 and SM-58.

    As for a guitar, it's up to you. It would help if you go into stores and try different guitars out. Also a low-end Ibanez can't hold a candle to even a MIM Fender Strat..

    I've not really used any windows software for recording because I use a macintosh with logic express 7 but I've heard good things about Cubase and Nuendo.

  13. CockBlocker

    CockBlocker New Member

    Hey guys..

    Many thanx for all your help.. I really appreciate.. I learned
    stuff I had no clue about.. before..

    I will post my replies & final config in the evening ...

    Once again.. Thanks a Ton :)
  14. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Hey.......Assuming your gear requirements are for recording purposes, let me suggest something quite different from what people have suggested here. This will also be pretty effective. I recently tried these things in a Studio and I am pretty satisfied with the recording....

    1. M-Audio Sound Card Delta 1010LT PCI Interface. - $200
    2. Cubase Recording Software. - Download it..
    3. Guitar Rig2. - Download it.
    4. Drumkit from Hell - Download it.
    5. Some decent studio Monitors.
    6. A DI Box if you happen to live near TV Tower or Mobile Tower. This will prevent EMI noise from getting inside your recording.

    Guitar Rig2 is absolutely awesome. You can get some mind blowing tones if you tweak properly. Drumkit from hell has some amazing and realistic samples.

    Dont spend money on pedals if recording is your concern. Then you need a good amp and a good mic to mic the amp and it's a lot of pain. Easiest thing is Guitar Rig....

    And you dont need an amp. Guitar Rig2, Sound Card will take care of those things....

    You dont need a Mixer. Since you are doing recording alone using Multi Tracking mixer is just going to lie idle without any use. Unless you are recording as a band, you really dont need a mixer.

    There are some amazing pockets sized studios available Check them out too....

    As far as guitar and bass. There are lots of decent stuffs in the Market. I'd say get some nice DiMarzio pickups and get a Tulsi Custom Made guitar. They will really rock plus it wont cost a lot too...

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