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    I need help from you guys; I really don't understand what the meaning below. I have tried hard to understand but couldn’t understand it. Please help me to understand this stuff. This is a song Tum se hi from Jab we met

    D#m 224342
    B 224442
    G#m 466444
    C# 113121
    F# 244322
    Bbm 113321
    Bmaj7 113231

    Drums start:


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  3. khurramarts

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    thanks for the link, but I already know these cords I actually don't understand the number which are written just after the D sharp Minor I mean D#m 224342 what are these no. representing how to play them also B 224442, what does this mean do I play open node of B?

    Also please let me know what does Bmaj means? I understand Bm but what is aj ?
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    We are talking about bar chords over here....

    to play D#m hold the whole second fret with your index finger which can be expressed as 222222....

    now use the rest of your fingers to form the isnt as difficult as it sounds........

    in the image below the person is playing a Bmin (024432)

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