help !!! plz suggest a bass guitar under 7k!!!!

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which among dese is da best bass guitar 4 playin metal

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  1. esp

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  2. ibanez

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  3. gibson/epiphone

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  4. jackson

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  1. cottonmouth

    cottonmouth New Member

    i hav done sum research but came up with only 2 brands givson and java
    4m da reviews looks like givsons suk big time n java r worth da money!!!
    do yaall kno n e other good brands?? also plz tell me if i can a guitar custom made under dis budget...
    also can n e 1 giv me this tulasi guitar shop no???
  2. shashank.master

    shashank.master New Member

    java costs arnd 6800 on bajaao,
    as 4 d custom guitar try 8 albertos their fone no is 28881523,
    also try gb&a basses they will fit into ur budget most probably!try bhargavas-fone no-022 22012626!

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